WORX WG520 12-Amp Electric Leaf Blower: Walmart / Amazon

After you’ve washed your car, there’s a few different ways to dry off all of the water before it dries and leaves water spots behind. The most traditional way is to dry it off using a drying towel. However, if your car has been waxed, (paint) sealed, or coated, you can easily dry off almost all of the water with a leaf blower.

We’re at a point in time where we’re seeing more versatility with leaf blowers since we are seeing much more availability of electric-powered leaf blowers over gas-powered ones. Furthermore, we’re also beginning to see more powerful battery-powered blowers that make it even more convenient to use a blower to dry off your car. The problem with the latter though is that the price is still quite high for these battery-powered blowers.

With these battery-powered blowers costing over more than $150-$200 at this time, the next best option is to go with an electric-powered, high-CFM leaf blower that costs much less at around $50-$100. It’s important to look for a blower that has a high CFM (cubic feet per minute of air movement.) This ensures that it has the power to push the water off of the surface of the car.

I’ve reviewed some other blowers in the past and recommend the TORO PowerJet Electric Leaf Blower that touts 700 CFM; this unit costs around $80-$100. If you want the best value blower, you can spend a little less at around $60 to get the very capable WORX WG520 Electric Leaf Blower that offers 600 CFM of power.

This unit has a simple power knob that you can operate with one hand. You roll the knob to turn on/off and increase or decrease power. The noise is pretty loud as you’d expect from a leaf blower. It weighs about 6.4 lbs, so it’s pretty light although it is slightly cumbersome to operate with only one hand especially at high speed and with the long nozzle attached.

You will need an extension cord with a single plug at the end to use this unit. The end of the power cord has an extension cord retainer to prevent the power cord from disconnecting if tensioned. This saves you from accidentally disconnecting the power cord at full extension.

The WORX WG520 still offers plenty of power with 600 CFM of air movement. If you’re car has already had wax, paint sealant, or coating applied to it, this blower is totally adequate to move the water off of the car. As you can see below, this blower blows practically most of the water off of this vehicle that has had an Undrdog coating applied to it.

There are some places where it’s much hard to dry with a drying towel, like the gaps between panels and doors, as well as the grille and other intricate trim pieces. Using a high-powered leaf blower makes it easy to dry these areas as it will blow water out of areas that the towel can’t reach.

One day, I’d like to have a battery-powered blower with a shorter nozzle so I don’t have to mess around with a power cord. But in the meantime, it’s super affordable, yet effective to dry your vehicle with the WORX WG520 Electric Leaf Blower. This is probably one of the best-valued blowers in this segment and has enough power to get your entire vehicle dry.

WORX WG520 12-Amp Electric Leaf Blower: Walmart / Amazon


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