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2019 Lexus ES350 Review 16 of 31

The 2019 ES 350 is built on Toyota’s Global Architecture K Platform. Aside from the efficiencies in the manufacturing process, there are a number of improvements such as improved fuel economy lower center of gravity for better handling, increased chassis stiffness, better steering response, and better ride quality. It’s incredibly quiet, operates smoothly, has plenty of power to thrust you back into your plush leather seats, and looks good inside and out. With the reasonable price point and bulletproof reliability of these vehicles, it’s a no brainer if you’re looking to venture into the luxury sedan market.

The BMW 228i is simply put, a very good car that looks great and does great across a wide range of driving conditions. The base model is incredibly affordable and even without all the costly add-ons, is still a very capable machine. The ride is characteristic of what I expect from a BMW, which is the solid and sturdy body feel of a slightly heavier vehicle. It is this, combined with the harmonious combination of suspension and steering feel that makes driving this car so great.

The first generation of the Mazda Miata has been jokingly referred to as a hairdresser’s car. This was largely due to its puny size and cute demeanor. However, the first generation Miata’s reputation slowly evolved over time. People realized after a while that the car actually handled pretty well. Car enthusiasts started to take notice. These days, the car is praised as one of the best handling cars of all time.

2008 volvo c30 t5 review

One look at the Volvo C30 and you may think hot hatch, but Volvo actually considers it a luxury coupe. Perhaps it doesn’t appear luxurious at first glance, but spend some time with this Swedish coupe and it will make sense. After a day out in the C30, I got it. The subtle, but elegant styling cues, as well as its spirited driving characteristics makes this an excellent choice for those who want a zippy car that also exudes luxury.

2007 porsche boxster review - rear 3/4

If you’re one of those people who jokingly refer to the Porsche Boxster as “the poor man’s Porsche”, then I’m confident you’ve never driven one. The second generation Boxster, also known as the 987, is a beautiful piece of machinery. The car looks fantastic and driving it is an absolute pleasure.