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To refinish a bumper so that it looks new again, you’ll first need to repair the major damage so that it is structurally sound. And then prior to spraying primer, paint, and clear coat so that it looks pristine again, you will have to prep the bumper by filling in the damaged parts of the bumper with body filler, and sanding it smooth.

If you have a cracked bumper and depending on how severe the damage is, you may be able to repair it yourself with a variety of tools and materials. On this tutorial, I’ll be repairing a cracked bumper using fiberglass resin, bumper repair epoxy, and flexible glazing putty. Using each of these various items serves a specific and important purpose.

If you’ve ever had a headlight bulb go out on traditional halogen headlights, it’s usually as simple as changing out your bulb with a new one. With HID’s, you can have a HID bulb go out and may need to be replaced as well. However with HID headlights, there are several components that make up the HID headlight system which can fail and require replacement.

I tested several methods out to see what would be most effective at keeping birds from pooping on the side mirrors of a car. These methods also deter birds from pecking at and attacking your side mirrors as well. These are all pretty easy methods to employ, but you’ll have to consider the steps required every time you park your vehicle somewhere. Here are the methods I tested and my results from testing each one.

It has been almost two years now in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic and we are all by now aware of the importance of keeping our hands clean. We’re now accustomed to constantly washing our hands and using hand sanitizer whenever hand-washing is not possible. I’ve been playing with the idea of making a hand washing station for our vehicle because my family and I are always trying to find ways to wash our hands while on the go. After making this hand wash station and placing it in the back of our Toyota 4Runner (with a bottle of hand soap), we’ve found that is has become extremely useful in keeping our family’s hands clean. We are always transporting the kids around and running errands, and it’s not always possible or convenient to find a restroom to wash our hands. Now, it’s as simple as opening the tailgate and having soap and water to wash our hands whenever we need to.

It is without a doubt that checking the tire tread depth of your tires is one of the most important maintenance items you can do on your vehicle. This can be done using a tire tread depth tool and measuring the tread depth at different points on the tire to determine whether or not the tires are still adequate or if they need to be replaced. Not everyone always has a tire tread depth tool on hand, so another easy way of checking the tread depth is to use a penny. I’ve laid out the process for checking tire tread depth using a penny and how you can various indications on the penny to determine the level of the tire’s tread depth.

Spark plugs play critical role in the engine combustion process by precisely igniting the mixture of air and fuel in order to produce power. There are several different ways of checking and adjusting spark plug gap with various pros and cons of each method. Most commonly you will see coin style and wire loop gauges being used, but feeler gauges are also used too. Here’s a guide to checking and adjusting spark plugs using the coin style and wire loop gauges, which will work perfectly in majority of cases.