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After washing and detailing cars for 20-odd years, I’ve tried wearing all kinds of footwear over this time. When we didn’t have many options in the beginning, people would just wear sandals, regular sneakers, work boots, or even go barefoot! Heck, even today people still use these options. But in the past decade, we’ve seen so many more options come into the playing field, so there’s much more of a selection to choose from if you are looking for footwear to use when you’re washing your car.

The number of different car cleaning kits available is so vast since a car cleaning kit can be bundled with an endless combination or products and chemicals. To make matters more confusing, the amount of different products and chemicals available in the current car care market is overwhelming. So, I’ve put this list together to not only make it easier to understand why one kit may be better than the other, but to also help you understand why any particular kit is best for you.

detailing enthusiasts. This data was pulled from various car detailing forums, as well as detailing-related Facebook Groups and detailing-oriented YouTube channels. By combining all of these reliable sources, I believe this list is largely comprehensive in identifying the best ceramic coatings available on the market today.

Below is a list of car waxes that I’ve ranked in order of most recommended by auto detailers and detailing enthusiasts in various car detailing forums. This is a subjective list obviously, but it is what I believe to be a credible list of the best car waxes as these recommendations come from those car detailers who have used and compared these different products. I did not include spray waxes as they are even further diluted formulas that do not offer the same kind of durability as these paste and liquid waxes.

Here is a list of car wash soaps that are ranked by the most recommended by auto detailers and detailing enthusiasts in various car detailing forums. It is impossible to know what is “the best” car wash soap out there as it really depends. However in my opinion, I would trust the recommendations of the folks who use many of these products on an everyday basis and therefore can make working comparisons across the field. Without further ado, here is the list of the best car wash soaps based upon recommendations that come up time-and-time again.