Schlage Electronic Keyless Entry Door Lock: Ace Hardware / Amazon

At home, I’ve slowly been making the switch from regular keyed door locks, over to electronic door locks that utilize a keypad. This makes it a lot easier to lock and unlock the doors to our house without the need to carry around a physical key. This has worked out well for us at home, soI decided to install the same thing in the garage.

Some people normally leave the door between their garage and their home unlocked, but it’s important to have it locked. There are a number of ways unscrupulous individuals can break into a garage without too much effort. Once they get into the garage, they might be able to steal the things you have there, but you really don’t want them to have full access to the actual home from the garage.

I’ve always installed Schlage door locks because I like the way they look and how they feel, so my preference is generally to stick with their products. I bought the Plymouth model in the Satin Nickel finish. Schlage offers another model called the Camelot (different looking design), as well as other finishes.

The installation on this product goes pretty quickly. The keypad portion of the lock goes through the existing bored hole from the exterior side. On the other interior end, the other plate is inserted while threading the slotted shaft through the opening. You’ll need to ensure that the wiring from the keypad portion runs through the bore hole and plate.

The plate is secured with two Phillips head bolts that are provided. At this point, you can plug in a 9-Volt battery and also connect the electrical connector to the one coming from the keypad entry side.

Finally, attach the inside cover plate, ensuring that the dead bolt handle is in the unlocked position. Then, secure the inside cover plate with the supplied Phillips head bolts.

Test out the operation of the door lock and ensure that it operates properly. And there you have it, you’re completed with the install of the Schlage Electronic Keyless Entry Door Lock. As with the other Schlage door locks I’ve owned in the past, this has a nice build quality and works superbly. The buttons of the keypad feel solid and have a nice feedback when you press them. The whole thing just feels robust and gives you the feeling that it will last a long time.

There is a procedure to program new codes that is expained in the instructions that come with the unit. You will need the master code that is provided with the instructions inside of the box. You can program multiple codes, which is nice if you have different people using the lock.

The 9V battery does last the lock for a very long time; for me it has lasted about a year before I had to change out the battery. When the battery is low, you will start having some issues turning the lock and it not unlocking the door. This is how you’ll know it is time to change out the battery. In order to replace the battery, you’ll need to remove the two Phillips head screws from the lock on the inside of the door.

If you want an electronic keypad lock, the Schlage is a good choice that will offer a high quality door lock that looks great. It’s a workhorse of a lock that will last you a long time, plus the battery lasts a year on a single 9V battery. I’ve used Schlage locks for a number of years and I continue to do so because of these very reasons.

Schlage Electronic Keyless Entry Door Lock: Ace Hardware / Amazon


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