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The Track Ahead is a website for people who love to take care of their cars. Here, you’ll find articles, tutorials, and reviews related to car maintenance and car detailing. I started this site back in 2016 as a way to share my own passion for cars, but I always aimed for it to be a quality informational site for anyone learning to fix or detail their own car.

I’ve always loved doing a bunch of research on various online car forums whenever I was trying to do something new on my vehicle. After a while, I noticed that a lot of these super helpful tutorials and write-ups that people were posting were suddenly degrading in quality. And it was of no fault to the forum member writing the post. It was these forums that were now littered with ads, broken links and images, and ill-informed posts. 

So that’s why I created The Track Ahead. I wanted to create a quality resource that’s based on extensive research I’ve done, combined with insight from my many years of maintaining/detailing cars. I also take a lot of pride in detailing the work that I do with in-depth instructions and high quality photos along the way. Everything takes much longer for me to do because I have to take photos along the way, but I’m happy to do it if it can help someone else with their own project that they’re undertaking.

In the time that I’ve run this site, there are certain moments that make it all worth it to me. I love it when I get a comment or an email telling me that the post I wrote helped them out. One time, someone messaged me about a post I wrote about fixing the speedometer on my 4Runner. After some back-and-forth talking about the same issue he had on his 4Runner, I realized I still had my old speedometer, so I offered to send him parts if he needed it. 

Turns out, he was only an hour away so he decided to drive to me to pick up the part. When we met up, we chatted some more and I gave him the part that he needed. He went back to his car, opened up a cooler, and handed me a bunch of vacuum-sealed frozen meats. He told me that he was an avid hunter and these were some gifts for me for my help. Aside from being such a cool experience, this is the kind of thing that makes me keep chugging along and putting out more content that may be of help to the next person trying to figure out something on their car.

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About Scott Lam

I have been obsesssed with cars ever since I got my learner’s permit when I was 15. At the time, I still hadn’t even gotten a car, yet on a daily basis I would just constantly think about owning my very own car. I’d look at cars all around me every day, wishing and hoping to have one I could call my own one day. 

Eventually, I got my license and then a car. My first car was a 1994 Mazda Protege that cost $2000. I finally had my very own car. Having a car finally suddenly gave me a level of freedom that I didn’t have when I could only walk or bike. The Protege got me around, but I desperately yearned for a fun car I could drive. I was still living at home while going to college and found an ad for a Mazda MX-6 selling for $800 that was not running. I had no money yet I was dead-set on getting this awesome car, so I took a cash advance on my credit card and bought it.

I couldn’t let my parents know what I did, so I had the car towed to a nearby business parking lot next to our house. A few times a week, I’d walk over with a bag of tools and work on the car. I did as much maintenance as I could before getting some help from a friend to do more major work to get it fully running.

Many, many years later and many cars later, I’ve immersed myself into car detailing. I experimented with a lot of products and techniques and I would be lying if I didn’t make my fair share of mistakes. I learned a lot from those experiences and now 15+ years later, I still have that same kind of passion and joy from detailing vehicles. 

My life looks a lot different now than it did back then, but my love for working on cars has never dwindled. I may have a family now and a full-time career, but I am still working on and detailing cars. I’m also always looking for the next project car to get my hands on. To this day, I am still writing and publishing new posts every week on the site for you to enjoy.

Recent car builds: 2004 BMW 330XI (E46) | 2003 Acura CL Type-S
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