Update 4/16/24: I wanted to provide an update on how these Lusso Gear car seat protectors are doing. Unfortunately, they just haven’t held up very well. Although they do protect the seat from car seats, the constant movement of the seat has effectively ripped the top layer of material away from the layer underneath.

The worst part of this is that I’ve reached out to Lusso Gear two separate times to have them honor their limited lifetime warranty, and they’ve never responded. It’s one thing for a product to have issues, but it’s just criminal to completely ignore a customer who has had a problem with their product.

So, if you’re about to purchase a Lusso Gear car seat protector, and it still looks the same as the design shown in the photos on this post, steer clear. These little sewn-on patches don’t do much for protection and are just weak-points for this kind of damage to occur.

Original Post 4/25/23:

When I shopped for car seat protectors for my children’s car seats, there were a ton of choices to choose from on Amazon. Essentially I had two choices to go with: either a quality name brand car seat protector such as the ones from Lusso Gear, or a similar looking one from a no-name brand for costing slightly less. I ended up buying both because I needed multiple car seat protectors, but I also wanted to test these two choices out to see if there was any difference between them.

This review will be focused on the Lusso Gear Car Seat Protectors. I bought the 2-pack for our recently purchased Honda Odyssey. It comes nicely packaged as shown below.

The car seat protector is fairly thick, so it seems to provide adequate padding between the hard plastic of the car seat and the soft padding of the leather seating that we have. As you can see on the back side, it is white in color with a dotted texture that helps keeps the protector from sliding around the seat.

It also has a buckle strap that goes around the head rest rods, which hold up the upper portion of the seat protector. The car seat protector doesn’t cover the head rest area, therefore there will be no protection for the head rest; only for the seat back and bottom.

On the back is a small tail insert that jams in-between the seat back and seat bottom. This secures the car seat protector to the seat to keep it from moving around.

The Lusso Gear Car Seat protectors look great and they seem to be of high quality. I also forgot to mention that at the bottom of the protector is a flap with a mesh screen to hold extra items at the base of the seat.

As you can see, they have adequate coverage to keep the car seat from damaging the leather seats of our car. Especially on our rear car seats, the seat protector works perfectly well. The padding seems to be enough to prevent any indentation of the car seat into the leather seat itself.

The only thing you need to look out for is when you install front-facing car seats on these car seat protectors. Of course the seat back and bottom are well-protected, but the headrest may end up getting a permanent imprint from the top of the car seat.

When we bought our Honda Odyssey from the original owner, there was already an imprint on the headrest from their car seat. To prevent this from happening, you may be able to adjust your headrest up or down so that it is not in constant contact with the car seat. You could also place something in-between for protection as well.

So after several months of using these Lusso Gear Car Seat Protectors, I can say that they do a great job at protecting our leather seats from the car seats. They still look nice and they’re holding up pretty well.


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