One of the worst feelings you can have is driving a car with a sticky steering wheel. Personally, I’ve driven company vehicles for my day job with several that were more than 10 years old and have been changed hands many times. Some of them had some really tacky-feeling steering wheels. Although the steering wheel might be tacky due to the steering wheel material itself, in most cases it is simply due to the steering wheel being dirty.

Car detailing is sometimes really all about the details. These small details when looking at them individually may seem inconsequential, but taking a step back it can make a dramatic difference. Take the typical seat belt buckle with the little red button on it. These little plastic buttons look great when they’re new, but over many years, the plastic oxidizes and eventually the red color fades. Then, you’re left with a faded red seat belt button that is commonly found on older vehicles.

My wife and I found an awesome new Mexican food restaurant while we were out of town, and we were excited to try it out. We ordered food to-go and drove there to pick it up. Typically, we place anything that can spill, on the floor where I have all-weather rubber mats, but we had a ton of stuff on the floor that night, and we were in a rush to go as I was double-parked waiting for my wife. We placed the bag of food on my passenger seat, went home, and had an incredible dinner. Fast forward a couple days later, and I got into my car and look over only to discover one nasty looking greasy food stain on the passenger seat.

When compared to other fabric guards (such as 303 Fabric Guard, Scotchgard, etc.), this one has a higher effectiveness for repelling water and stains. After evaluating my options, I was going to apply the fabric guard on my new truck. So, I only wanted the best possible formula; out of these three choices for fabric protection, Gtechniq Smart Fabric was the clear winner although it did cost the most as well.

It can be argued that detailing the interior of a car is just as important, if not more important, than detailing the exterior. The reason being that if you are the owner of the car, you’ll be spending more time inside the cabin than outside. With the interior of the car cleaned and detailed, you’ll not only be able to appreciate the refurbished interior, but also prolong the life of the materials in the cabin for years to come.