Find the iK Multi 1.5 Pump Sprayer at: Amazon / Walmart

A handy tool to have in your detailing arsenal is a pump sprayer, such as this iK Multi 1.5 Pump Sprayer. This is essentially a pump sprayer where you use the integrated hand pump to pressurize the container filled with your choice of chemical, and then squeeze the trigger to spray the chemical onto your vehicle.

There are some typical uses for a pump sprayer, but mainly you’ll find it being used to substitute a foam gun or foam cannon, or to apply a certain product that would otherwise be difficult to do with a regular spray bottle. I’ve used the pump sprayer for a variety of tasks and from my experience they work well for certain cases.

If you’re using this product to replace the use of a foam cannon or foam gun, don’t. It’s just doesn’t foam up like you might think it would, and it won’t apply enough soapy water onto your vehicle through the spray nozzle. Rather, just use the foam gun/cannon or a bucket wash instead.

There is one time that the pump sprayer works for washing your car and that is if you’re doing a waterless wash. It is possible to do a waterless wash with a spray bottle, but if use a pump sprayer, it can give you some relief from constantly squeezing the trigger. If you’re not so fatigued from constantly squeezing a spray bottle trigger, then you’re able to better focus on the details of spraying and wiping in an organized fashion—something that is imperative in doing a waterless wash.

One of the biggest complaints of plastic spray bottles is how cheap they can be. There are always complaints about them breaking or not working after a few uses. The iK pump sprayer is by contrast, a better performing and more stout product. It feels well-built and the mechanisms for the pump and spray trigger feel good– not cheap and rickety.

After a good 10-15 pumps, there is enough pressure for the sprayer function. As you can see below, it really comes out as a mist, and nothing like a stream or spray of liquid. Therefore, it’s ideal for something like applying iron remover.

One of my favorite uses for this product is applying iron remover. If you’ve ever had to apply iron remover over your entire vehicle with a spray bottle, it is extremely tiring for your hand. Until you’ve actually done it yourself, you won’t realize how much your hand cramps up, even if you switch between hands when applying iron remover.

Switching over to the iK pump sprayer makes it a breeze to apply the iron remover over the entire vehicle. Just 10-15 pumps maybe about 2-3 times for the entire vehicle during the process of the application is all it takes to get full coverage of the iron remover.

Overall, I think the iK Multi 1.5 Pump Sprayer has specific uses. The quality of the whole sprayer is very good, and feels well-made. My only complaint is the weak water pressure of the nozzle, which is the reason it doesn’t work as a replacement for a foam gun or cannon. It does still work well for for applying an iron remover over an entire vehicle or for waterless washes.

Find the iK Multi 1.5 Pump Sprayer at: Amazon / Walmart


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