Koda Ultra Cushioned Pneumatic Shop Stool: Amazon / Costco

My curiosity is always picqued whenever I walk by the automotive aisle of Costco and see a new product on their shelves. I spotted a really nice looking shop stool called the Koda Ultra Cushioned Pneumatic Shop Stool. I knew I had to pick one up and try out. This stool is also sold on Amazon as well.

My immediate feeling upon unboxing the stool was that the parts were of high quality and the finish on the parts were nice. Comparing this to many cheap mechanic’s stools out there, this one seems to be a big step up in quality.

To assemble the shop stool, you are required to assemble the legs and base with nuts and bolts, which is the longer pat of the install. Then in goes the pneumatic piston and then the seat right on top.

Assembled, the Koda shop stool looks nice and would be a nice addition to any shop. In terms of comfort, I felt that the seat was too firm and because of that, a bit uncomfortable for me to sit on. The seat also had a more rubbery texture, which doesn’t allow you to slide around while sitting on the stool. I supposed if you like that kind of texture it wouldn’t be an issue. For most stools that I have sat on before, the seat cover is usually a smooth texture and allows you to slide around a bit more.

The seat raises up and down about 4 inches, which can give you some flexibility with various counter heights. If you plan on using the Koda shop stool for a tabletop at desk height, I would not recommend it. This shop stool just doesn’t go down low enough for such use; I tried and it was simply too high at the lowest seat setting to comfortably work at desk height.

The base is nice and sturdy with the legs extending just past the width of the seat and base. The bottom of the legs do have plastic caps, which allows the stool to slide along smooth floors of your garage space. If looks are important to you and you have a need for a counter-height shop stool with some adjustability, I think this shop stool is a great option for you.

Koda Ultra Cushioned Pneumatic Shop Stool: Amazon / Costco


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