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At home, I’ve slowly been making the switch from regular keyed door locks, over to electronic door locks that utilize a keypad. This makes it a lot easier to lock and unlock the doors to our house without the need to carry around a physical key. This has worked out well for us at home, soI decided to install the same thing in the garage.

As I was getting my garage cleaned up and organized this past summer, I got to experience the extreme heat inside of the garage. Aside from getting extremely hot and stuffy inside, it would also linger long after the temperature went down at night. I have a section of the garage that was never finished, so I decided to install fiberglass insulation here before putting up drywall.

If you have a light switch in your garage, you could utilize this location to install an outlet/switch combo. As the name suggests, an outlet/switch combo has both a switch and an outlet, which fits into the existing location of your switch inside of the receptacle box. There is no need to cut into or disturb the drywall. The obvious thing to note is that this will be useful to those who are okay with the new outlet location to be located at the light switch.

Since I’ve been remodeling the garage in our home, I’ve had new drywall installed and gone through the steps to prep and paint the walls. Prior to getting the walls up, I knew I would have the opportunity to run a new electrical circuit and install some outlets so that I charge and plug in my tools. I also planned to install a wall-mounted garage door opener near the garage door, which I would need to run electrical and provide an outlet for.

As with any home improvement project, you’ll need quite a few tools and materials to properly paint your walls. There’s of course the primer and paint, and then the products used to prep and paint the walls. The process takes a day or two, but it may take longer if you need to prep your existing walls. At the end, it’s satisfying when you see fresh paint on the walls–it really transforms the garage space into a place that you want to spend time in.

There are a number of options available for garage flooring such as stick-on vinyl tiles, interlocking tiles, and floor coatings. I’ve heard a lot of the good and bad things for all of these options, but in my opinion, the option that combines the best looks with the most durability is an epoxy floor with a polyaspartic topcoat. This is the option we ultimately went with, but I will go over the various options below to better inform you of the various options.