Find the Meolsaek Car Seat Protector on: Amazon

When we installed our car seats in both our Honda Odyssey and Ford F-150, I purchased a couple car seat protectors from a popular brand called Lusso Gear, and another couple seat protectors from a random brand I found on Amazon called Meolsaek. I didn’t really think it mattered much about what type of car seat protectors I got, as long as they covered enough of the seat and lasted a long time.

Honestly at the beginning, I thought that the no-name brand car seat protectors were probably going to fall apart, while the Lusso Gear ones would last. Surprisingly, it was actually the opposite that happened. The Lusso Gear ones ended up ripping apart at the seams and the Meolsaek ones have lasted over time.

The Meolsaek car seat protectors have a clean-looking design and are affordable at around $26 for a pair, at the time of this writing. There is a buckle that wraps around the headrest, which is a bit clunky honestly speaking. It does do the job of holding the back part of the car seat protector up, but the buckle and strap just kind of hang there around the headrest.

There is also an anchor piece that tucks into the crevice between your seat bottom and seat back to anchor the car seat protector in place. This piece is a bit long, which can make it a bit difficult to tuck in on some cars.

As you can see below, it does a good job of covering all of the back of the seat, as well as the seat bottom. There is also a flap at the front that allows you to store a few extra items.

Because there is adequate protection of the entire seat, you don’t have to worry about your car seat rubbing against the seat like some other ones that only go up half way. You can see for my car seat in the middle seat pictured below, the seat protector there only goes up part way, so it only proctects the seat if you have you have a backwards facing seat, not if you have a forward facing one.

Remember that the headrest is not protected, so the top of the forward-facing car seats might press into the headrest leaving imprints still. Most car seat protectors don’t have headrest protection, so this is pretty typical.

Personally, I’ve found the Meolsaek a good option for a car seat protector as it has done the job of protecting the seats in my Ford F-150 well. I would caution you however if you are installing these on leather seats as I’ve heard of reviews where the little textured dots on the bottom side of the protector can leave tiny imprints into the leather and even stain as well. With that word of warning, the Meolsaek does the job of protecting your seats from car seats and has lasted me now over a year without any problems.

Find the Meolsaek Car Seat Protector on: Amazon


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