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2003 Acura CL Type-S
2020 Ford F-150
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2003 Toyota 4Runner
2004 Toyota Tacoma

One of the most common encounters that you’ll have when you start increasing the size of your wheels and tires is the front tires rubbing on the fender liner of your 4Runner. The rubbing will normally occur when your wheel is turned full-lock to the left or to the right. Since there are countless different combinations of wheels, tires, and lifts, everyone will experience something different. This guide will outline the steps it takes to do a fender liner mod so that you can eliminate the front tires rub.

What are the best detailing products are on the market today?

Asking what the best detailing products might be a subjective question as the term “best” can mean different things to different people; it can also depend on what the product is. These lists have been compiled based on the number of recommendations made by experienced detailers on car detailing forums, authoritative websites, Youtube channels, and even Facebook groups.

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