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2003 Acura CL Type-S
2020 Ford F-150
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2003 Toyota 4Runner
2004 Toyota Tacoma

The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor is a device that is located at the air intake, which measures how much air is coming into the engine and then tells the vehicle how much fuel it needs to inject. Over time, the MAF sensor can become dirty and require cleaning. Since the sensor on these vehicles utilizes an extremely delicate “hot wire”, used to measure air flow, it cannot be cleaned with regular cleaners or even brake cleaner. A mass air flow sensor cleaner is required to safely clean the hot wire.

If you own a 4th generation Toyota 4Runner and are still running OEM wheels, you may be looking into upgrading your wheels. One of the common things that people look to do is to upgrade to wheels that have more negative offset. This effectively pushes your wheels out towards the outside of the vehicle for a more aggressive stance. A popular option and one that I’m a big fan of is using 5th generation Toyota 4Runner OEM wheels to replace the stock 4th generation ones.

What are the best detailing products are on the market today?

Asking what the best detailing products might be a subjective question as the term “best” can mean different things to different people; it can also depend on what the product is. These lists have been compiled based on the number of recommendations made by experienced detailers on car detailing forums, authoritative websites, Youtube channels, and even Facebook groups.

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When I was shopping for replacement HID parts, I found cheaper alternatives on Amazon compared to the more expensive and more well-known brands. Normally, I’d be wary of such brands as they usually tend to be of lower quality and can potentially cause more headaches down the road. However, the cost is significantly less with these budget parts, so I wanted to try some of these budget HID lighting options.