Leaf Blower


Drying cars with a cars on a waxed or coated car with battery-powered blower is great, however typically they come with a long attachment that makes it difficult to use with drying off cars. This is where a “stubby” or short nozzle comes into use. The most popular one out there is called the Stubby Car Drying Nozzle made by the Stubby Nozzle Company.

The Sun Joe 6-amp electric leaf blower has a small form factor and is pretty easy to wield, as the size is pretty small and the outlet is narrow. But that’s pretty much the best of it. The unit does not push much air through its outlet, so if you try using this unit to dry your vehicle, you’re going to have a hard time.

After washing your car, a typical method for drying your car is to use a drying towel that is made specifically for this purpose. Another option for drying off your vehicle after a wash is to use an air blower. This involves using an air blower (think leaf blower) to blow all the remaining water off the surface of your car. It’s important to not let any leftover water to dry on the vehicle, otherwise you might be left with water spots on your car. One of the highest CFM electric blowers that I’ve found is the TORO PowerJet F700 electric leaf blower, which cuts down on the amount of time I’ve had to use a drying towel significantly.