Forever Black Bumper & Trim Reconditioner: Amazon / Ebay / Walmart

We are living in a time where we have some amazing products available for restorating the look of our beloved cars. If you have dull or faded black trim on your car, there are a number of products out there that can miraculously bring back the original black color of the trim. I’d like to share my thoughts on one of these products, Forever Black Bumper & Tire Conditioner.

I’m going to be demonstrating the use of Forever Black on this bumper trim of this BMW. The black trim is faded to a grey color, as would be expected of a 20 year old car.

Forever Black comes in a 6 oz. bottle along with a foam brush that you can use to apply the product. Although you can apply the trim restorer onto trim while it is still on the vehicle, it does make a bit of a mess as it can get onto the paint, which you have to remove later with isopropyl alcohol. Even when masking the surrounding paint with painter’s or automotive tape, it doesn’t do a perfect job of keeping the product from seeping into the paint areas of the car.

In my case, the bumper trim could be removed fairly easily, so I took it off the car prior to applying the trim restorer. I also chose to apply this product on the trim over a piece of cardboard to not have to worry about staining anything.

It’s a good idea to clean your trim with car soap, rinse it off, and dry it thoroughly. You want to ensure it is clean and dry prior to applying the trim restorer for optimal results.

You could use the included foam brush to apply the product, but I personally chose to wipe on the product with a microfiber towel. Forever Black’s consistency is kind of like that of paint.

To apply, you simply wipe or brush Forever Black onto the trim, allowing it to sit on the surface of the trim. By letting it sit on the trim, you give the product a chance to absorb into the trim. Shortly after, you can wipe any excess off with a clean section of your microfiber towel.

The instructions say to let it dry between 5-20 minutes. If you need to re-apply a second coat, you should wait until the first coat is completely dry before applying the next coat.

The first photo below shows the one trim piece treated and the other piece untreated. The second photo below shows both trim pieces restored once with Forever Black.

There are some trim restorers that barely make a difference (sorry Mother’s Back-to-Black), but this one is one of the good few that drastically improve your black trim’s appearance in an instant. The application is incredibly simple– wipe it on and let it dry.

Personally, I like wiping it on and letting it dwell for about 5-10 minutes and then wipe off the excess. It leaves no oily residue afterwards and does an excellent job at restoring that beautiful black color of the trim. When you restore trim with Forever Black along with detailing the exterior, it can really be that cherry on top when all is said and done.

Forever Black Bumper & Trim Reconditioner: Amazon / Ebay / Walmart


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  1. Dennis McGowan Reply

    Hmmmmm? Hey Scott. I’m just wondering if this product might work on that purple rear ledge. The material it’s made from is probably more plastic than cloth. So….boom! Does this product have an odor? Well there’s my 15 cents worth. Have a great day and I’ll maybe check this out on my E46. Have a great day.

    • Hi Dennis, don’t really know if it will. Sometimes you just don’t know until you try it. Since the product is not made for fabric material, there’s always a risk.

      I didn’t really notice an odor, but I did only use this outside. It might be different if you’re using it on the interior where it’s baking in the sun and you’re inside smelling it.

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