Tool/Equipment Product Reviews


The MUCAR CDE900 OBD2 Scanner is a nice step-up from your basic code reader if you’re looking for one with a nice touchscreen and options for analytics. For the $50, it’s a good price for an OBD2 code reader. Personally, I wouldn’t fork out the additional $40 for the extra data you can pull from your vehicle unless you truly needed it. I didn’t find the special functions from the add-on particularly useful, but it’s something you might need if you’re trying to diagnose something wrong on your vehicle.

An easier alternative and one that I much prefer doing is using a battery tester. A battery tester is a tool dedicated to the job of testing your car battery’s health, as well as the charging and cranking health of your battery. It takes the guess work out of figuring out the voltage ranges and testing procedures, and puts it all into an easy-to-use tool, such as this TOPDON BT300P Battery Tester.

The TOPDON JS2000 Jump Starter is a very capable power unit with 2000-amps of peak current, which can power up to 8.0L gas engines and 6.0L diesel engines. The jump starter also acts as a power bank offering 16,000 mAH of battery output for charging your electronic devices.

TOPDON is a popular brand offering a wide range of these more-capable scan tools depending on your specific specialized needs. TOPDON sent me this unit called the AD600S (a.k.a. ArtiDiag600S) for review, which is advertised to have 8 reset services and 4 system diagnostics. Depending on what you need a diagnostic tool for, you should take close look at the capabilities of the specific unit you’re looking at, as they have many different models with differing features.

When you’re planning to touch up your car’s factory paint or do any sort of repainting, you’ll find that one of the most popular companies out there is Paintscratch. Not only are they reputable for providing you with quality automotive paint to match your factor’s paint color, they also offer relatively fast mixing and shipping (even during the COVID-19 Pandemic.)

Although most portable jump starters are very small compared to the past, they are still at least a couple inches thick. The GOOLOO GP Warrior is the thinnest portable jump starter I’ve come across, measuring at just over one inch thick. Aside from the sleeker profile, the jump starter works great and really fits the term, portable.

Not everyone has a garage where they can spray paint freely without the worry of flying debris getting on their paint surface. Even if you do have the shelter of an enclosed space, you’ll still have to worry about overspray. If you’ve ever sprayed paint before, you’ll know how important it is to keep your paint surface clean and how much overspray can travel. This review is for the Wagner Spraytech Spray Paint Tent in the large size, which can accommodate very large pieces.

If there is one item that is always in my garage, it’s shop towels. These things are a must-have for cleaning up liquids, oil, and grease. They absorb these types of liquids extremely well and still holds together even when wet. Shop towels may come in a dispenser box, or in a roll as shown here. The roll will fit in regular paper towel dispenser with each roll having 55 large sheets per roll.

NOCO Boost Jump Starter Review

We purchased this NOCO Boost XL GB50 jump starter as we were experiencing many dead batteries in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. With us luckily being able to work from home, we were rarely driving our vehicles and as a result, the car batteries would go dead after 2-3 weeks of not driving. With the help of the NOCO Boost jump starter, we are able to jump start our cars whenever the battery died. We’d then drive the vehicles where we needed to and on a longer drive it would charge up the battery again.