Tool/Equipment Product Reviews


MUCAR is a seller of OBD2 scanner tools that allow you to scan, research, and clear codes. They also offer additional diagnostics software you can download to the scan tool. I received this device, the MUCAR CDE900 Pro from MUCAR in exchange for a review. So, I will do my best to talk about my experience with the device so far, both good and bad.

A couple months ago, I did a review on MUCAR’s JS501 2-in-1 Jump Starter/OBD2 Scan Tool. I found it to be a useful tool that comes in really helpful when you need to check for engine trouble codes or if you need to jump start a dead battery. MUCAR supplied me with their more powerful JS502 Jump Starter with OBD2 Scanner, which is essentially the same unit but with a higher capacity battery and more powerful jump starter for bigger engines.

As opposed to a thermal imaging camera that connects to your phone, which will likely give you a better display image (utilizing your phone’s display), it won’t be as easy to use as a handheld one like this TOPDON unit. The TC004 has a great build quality that is easy to use and handle, and it has many useful features especially for the car DIY’er.

I’ve used my BRIDJIT Curb Ramp for 5+ years now and it works really well. The quality is very good, it has held up over time, and it does exactly what it promises which is to keep your car from scrapping or bumping into the rolled curb. There are also some added features that I like, which include the channel drain that allows surface runoff to pass underneath the ramp. I also like that it is extremely heavy, as it helps to deter theft.

This Rust-Oleum Automotive Primer I purchased was from Amazon so I was able to get it within a couple of days. The one I got is a standard light gray color, although I do know it is also sold in a white and dark gray color as well. It gets a ton of great reviews online and it is intended to be used for automotive applications. However, there is one major flaw on this paint and it has to do with the spray pattern.

Some of the nicest looking floor jacks that I’ve seen are the Daytona Floor Jacks from Harbor Freight. Now, I know looks aren’t everything, but if they perform well too, I’ll be happy. I also wanted a low-profile jack as I hate it when you slide a floor jack under your car, only to find that you can’t even fit it underneath the lift point.

This is the first 2-in-1 portable jump starter and OBD2 scan tool that I’ve seen. I never really thought about this being a thing, but it does seem like a pretty good idea–especially for those of us who like to maintain our own cars. The MUCAR JS501 is such a device that provides you with emergency jump starting with the functionality of a code reader when you need it. This tool was provided to me for review for this post.

The MUCAR CDE900 OBD2 Scanner is a nice step-up from your basic code reader if you’re looking for one with a nice touchscreen and options for analytics. For the $50, it’s a good price for an OBD2 code reader. Personally, I wouldn’t fork out the additional $40 for the extra data you can pull from your vehicle unless you truly needed it. I didn’t find the special functions from the add-on particularly useful, but it’s something you might need if you’re trying to diagnose something wrong on your vehicle.

An easier alternative and one that I much prefer doing is using a battery tester. A battery tester is a tool dedicated to the job of testing your car battery’s health, as well as the charging and cranking health of your battery. It takes the guess work out of figuring out the voltage ranges and testing procedures, and puts it all into an easy-to-use tool, such as this TOPDON BT300P Battery Tester.