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The Trim Around the Ignition

Recently, I’ve been removing and installing my interior trim pieces over and over again while trying to diagnose my recent engine codes. In the midst of it all, I’ve somehow misplaced that ignition key ring trim piece that surrounds the ignition key slot.

ignition key ring trim missing 4runner 4th gen

Somehow misplaced this trim piece… without it looks incomplete

55445-60100-BO ignition key ring trim

Toyota OEM part number 55445-60100-b0 on eBay

new ignition key ring trim 4runner

The backside of the trim plate has a little notch which you match up with the existing notch

new ignition key ring trim installed 4runner 4th gen

And just push it in place. Simple as that!

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • you can find this piece on amazon for around $15, but this is more than double the price you’d find at your local Toyota Dealership parts department
  • part #55445-60100-b0 is for this color “stone”, meanwhile part #55445-60100-b2 is for the color “fawn” which I believe is a more tan-looking color
  • this item is hard to look up online or at the parts department because it’s talked about so rarely; this item has names of instrument plate (official name), key trim, ignition trim, etc.

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  1. Stanley Edouard Reply

    Once again, Thanks Scott, Invaluable Blog you have here. i can’t sing its praises enough.
    Because your blog is a work of art, i wanted to point out a small accidental error. The second bullet point under ” A couple of things to keep in mind” section repeats the same part number for both the stone and fawn color.
    Nonetheless, still invaluable information because it nearly impossible to find online without your guidance. Thanks good sir.

    • Not sure I would call it a work of art LOL, but thank you nonetheless. Thanks for the catch, I’ve updated the information accordingly. I appreciate it!

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