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Meguiar’s Hyper Dressing has been a leading contender in dressings and has always seen great reviews from both recreational and professional users. Over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed a lot more chatter on a few popular detailing Facebook Groups about this product. Apparently the product was out of stock for a while, and then when it finally did come back in stock, the price skyrocketed. Since then, the price has come back down, but I was curious to know why throughout all of this, customers continue to flock to this product.

Meguiar’s Hyper Dressing is one of the most well-known dressings on the market today not just because of its effectiveness, but most of all because of its versatility. Whether you like gloss or a satin look, Meguiar’s Hyper Dressing can be diluted to obtain any look you want. I tried Meguiar’s Hyper Dressing myself and want to provide my thoughts about this popular product. As a full disclosure, Meguiar’s supplied me with this product to test and write an review on.

Meguiar’s Hyper Dressing is a water-based dressing that is highly versatile due to its ability to be diluted to any sheen you want. Because it is water-based, you can simply add water to dilute. If you use it straight out of the bottle, you’ll get a glossy sheen. You can further dilute it 2:1 for less gloss, 3:1 for a satin finish, and 4:1 for a natural look.

Hyper Dressing can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as interior trim, engine compartments, and tire sidewalls. If you apply to the tires, make sure to wipe off any excess to minimize the amount of tire sling. And if you apply to the engine bay, make sure to prep adequately by using a degreaser to completely clean grease prior to applying this product. I will be demonstrating the use of this product on the interior on various surfaces.

Applying Hyper Dressing to the Interior

Before applying any dressing, the surfaces that you’re applying to needs to be cleaned. Even before using a cleaner, the interior surfaces should be vacuumed to remove dirt, crumbs, and any other particles inside the vehicle.

After vacuuming the interior of the vehicle, use your choice of interior cleaner. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: always opt for a dedicated interior cleaner over the use of a diluted all purpose cleaner (APC). It’s a safer option as you just hear too many horror stories of people using incorrectly diluted APC and having stain marks left behind that they can’t get out.

Also with any cleaning chemical, you should always spray into your microfiber towel or brush and before brushing/wiping the interior. You risk leaving overspray behind if you choose to spray directly onto the surface you’re cleaning.

For most interior cleaning, an interior cleaner chemical and microfiber towel is enough to clean most interior surfaces. For some areas, you may need an interior cleaning brush to reach hard-to-get areas such as air vents and the cracks where different trim and buttons meet.

Now, onto applying Meguiar’s Hyper Dressing. I’m applying it straight out of the bottle without dilution, so we should expect it to be glossy after its application. A lot of times, I see interior dressing being applied by spraying the product onto the surface, and then wiping with a microfiber towel. Don’t do this. The product gets everywhere… and even if you think you’ll wipe everything away, you’ll always forget a spot or two. The result is overspray that burns into the surface, leaving you with an ugly stains that can’t be cleaned off.

If you apply using a microfiber towel, spray Hyper Dressing right into the towel and then wipe down your interior surfaces. After wiping it on, use a different microfiber towel to wipe any excess away. This ensures that you get a nice, even application of the product and a complete removal of any excess product still lingering.

Hyper Dressing has the scent of grape. Meguiar’s offers a few different sizes of this product: 1-gallon and 32-oz spray bottle. I would recommend going with a 32-oz bottle if you’re using it casually, but if you’re a detailer, you could probably make good use out of that whole container.

Personally, I like a satin or matte sheen to both my interior and exterior surfaces, so this would require me to have a separate spray bottle in order to mix up the product with water.

I had a really good experience with this product as it applies easily, has a nice scent, and offers a good amount of protection. Using it straight out of the bottle is a bit too glossy for me, but the results still look amazing. Dilution ratios are simple to mix up and you end up with more product if you like less sheen. I’m excited to try this product on tires and the engine bay next!


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