There’s one major thing I love about Undrdog Pro Coating and that is how easy it is to apply, even when you doing it outside. Since I don’t have a sheltered parking spot, nor a large enough of a garage to park a car, applying a ceramic coating (with its inherent finicky flash times) outdoors can be tricky. But with Undrdog Pro, I never felt the product dry up or flash too quickly; it just went on and buffed off effortlessly. So for now, I’m incredibly happy with this product, but the real test is how long this product lasts.

So you’ve just ceramic coated your car or perhaps a car detailer ceramic coated your car for you. Now, you may be wanting to know how to wash and maintain it properly. Contrary to what some people may believe, ceramic coatings are not some mysterious product that needs extra special care. It simply just needs to be washed with proper wash techniques and with the right car wash products.

Ceramic coatings have become all the rage in recent years with quite a few options becoming available for the consumer market. These coatings form a very strong bond (on the nano scale) to your car’s paint leaving a layer of protection that is thicker and longer-lasting than your typical wax or paint sealant. Ceramic coatings offer protection against light scratches, corrosion, heat, chemicals, environmental effects, and industrial fallout. In addition to protection from the elements, ceramic coatings also offer superb hydrophobic properties which makes it much easier to wash your car.

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Ceramic coatings work wonderfully at providing a water-resistant coating that lasts a long time. However, there are times that a ceramic coating must be removed from a car. Since ceramic coatings provide a semi-permanent physical layer on the car’s paint that protects the vehicle from a host of different contaminants, it is difficult for car wash soaps and cleaners to chemically remove the coating. That is why the general consensus is that physical removal of the coating is necessary in the form of either clay bar or polish in order to remove a ceramic coating.