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This is a PSA for those who are planning on renting a 26ft U-Haul Moving Truck. I recently went through a fiasco renting the 26-foot moving truck with U-Haul, so I wanted to share my awful experience in hopes of keeping this from happening to anyone else. Ultimately what I discovered was that thieves are siphoning fuel from these trucks by breaking off a plastic fuel tank vent cap that is found on the top of these fuel tanks. I’ll go into more detail on this post, but I just want you to know that this should be the very first thing you should check before you check out your U-Haul 26ft Moving Truck.

If you’ve ever been to the Island of Maui, you’ll know that the only way to get around the island is by car. In preparation for our 8-day trip, I initially booked a minivan through Turo. If you’re not familiar with Turo, it is a car sharing app that allows you to rent vehicles from other users—think of it like Airbnb for cars. As we got closer to the trip, I shopped around a bit and found that I could get a minivan through Hertz Car Rental for almost half the price of what I booked on Turo.

Getaround is a car sharing platform that provides cars for rent from other people looking to rent out their cars. The nice thing about Getaround is that if you need the car for only a few hours, then you can do that and you are charged at a particular rate. For those who don’t want to rent a car for a minimum of a day (or days at a time) such as Turo, this can be a better option. In my experience with needing a truck simply to haul stuff around, it worked. The truck was not in the best condition and I had to fend for myself when I felt I needed help (as a new user) at times, but I got the gravel I needed and the price was right.

When I was introduced to the Booster App a couple years ago, the company had just started off. They were founded in 2015 and had come off several rounds of funding. I was given a promo code that gave me $10 in free gas, so I figured I would use it one time, get the free gas, and abandon the app. Fast forward to today and I still use the app to fill up gas.