When I purchased my second-hand BMW 330XI, I found that both of the mid-range speaker trim on the front doors were broken. From my research online, it doesn’t appear to be a very common issue, but I wanted to share my experience on how to replace these in case someone else has the same problem on their BMW E46.

The Midrange Speaker Trim

The midrange speaker is located in the center of the front door. It is typically sold as one piece: the midrange speaker itself along with the surrounding trim ring. Even though you can separate these two pieces, it is still sold together as one unit. There is also a threaded ring that holds the speaker (and trim) to the door, which is threaded onto the speaker from the backside of the door panel.

It was difficult to find the part numbers for these online, but I was able to find them on realoem.com. When you are on that site, you can input your vehicle’s information, navigate to ‘Audio, Navigation, Electronic Systems’ and then ‘Single Parts Loudspeaker’ to find the part number for the midrange speaker. Another way to identify the part number you need is to remove your door panel and look at the part number label on the speaker itself.

Image from realoem.com

Another way to get a replacement speaker trim is to get one from a local junkyard. That’s probably going to be cheapest option, as long as you’re willing to go pull the part yourself. Otherwise, you can try searching on Ebay to see if you can find the part for your vehicle.

For my specific car, a 2004 BMW 330XI sedan with black interior, the part number for the midrange speaker trim for the front doors is 65138368243. The RealOEM website seemed to show a different part number for my vehicle. I suspect all of the E46 midrange speaker trims are the same size (only difference may be color), but I can’t confirm that for sure.

Other Tools Needed

To remove the door panel, you’ll need a screwdriver set, interior trim tools, T-20 torx bit, and large Tongue/Groove pliers to remove the door panel and remove the speaker trim ring.

Amartisan 10-Piece Magnetic Screwdrivers Set
Tresalto Auto Trim Removal Tool Kit
Torx Bit Set with 1/4 inch Magnetic Bit Driver (T5-T40 Bits)
Channellock 12-inch Tongue and Groove Pliers

Replacing the Door Speaker Trim on a BMW E46

First, you need to remove the door panel from the door of your car. For a full guide to doing this, check out this guide on how to remove your door panel.

After you’ve removed the door panel, you can access the threaded ring on the back of the door panel for the midrange speaker. The only way to remove the speaker is to unscrew the threaded ring from the backside of the door panel.

Sometimes, the threaded ring can unscrew easily and you can remove it by hand. Other times, it may be really, really stuck on. If this is the case, you may need to use a set of Channelocks (tongue-and-groove pliers) to get some leverage to unscrew it. Be careful as the threaded ring is plastic and using metal pliers on plastic can damage it.

To replace the trim piece, you’ll need to separate it from the inside speaker. Use a flat head screwdriver to carefully pull back the two release tabs. You will also need to insert the screwdriver into the speaker from behind and pry ever so slightly so that the speaker trim pulls away from the other tabs of the speaker (2nd photo below), allowing the speaker to release from the surrounding trim.

When you remove the trim piece, you can simply replace the trim with another one. If you have a replacement speaker (with trim included), you don’t have to go through the trouble of separating the trim and can simply replace the speaker like-for-like for a easy replacement.

With that completed, you can reassemble the door panel and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful looking trim, instead of the damaged and ugly looking broken trim. Unfortunately, replacing the midrange speaker trim isn’t as easy and pulling it off and installing it back on, but I hope this guide helps you with a problem-free replacement.


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