Fast Orange Hand Cleaner: Amazon / Walmart

Hand cleaner is a useful product to have on hand (no pun intended) in the shop. If you’ve ever found yourself with oil or grease on your hands and using soap wasn’t enough, you’ll know that the only thing that can truly clean your hands is a pumice cleaner.

I finally went through my half gallon of Fast Orange Hand Cleaner that I picked up years ago, and decided to try out a similar product made by Gojo. After using the Gojo hand cleaner, I found that the Fast Orange product was a more potent and effective cleaner. One of my issues with Gojo Hand Cleaner was that it was softer on the hands, but it took many uses to get oil/grease off my hands. Fast Orange Hand Cleaner is a bit more abrasive and takes less tries to get oil and grease off of my hands.

Nowadays, I use nitrile gloves for every job that I do involving work on cars. Sometimes I’m doing something simple where I start with my bare hands, but one thing leads to another and I find myself with oil-stained hands. This product is also great for general heavy-duty hand cleaning after doing jobs around the house. If you ever need to clean oil (i.e. motor oil) off your hands, this stuff is necessary for cleaning that gunk off.

For demonstration purposes, I went a little overboard with covering my hands in old motor oil and will be using Fast Orange Hand Cleaner to clean it off best I can.

The product comes out in a container with a handy hand pump. The product comes out like a white hand soap with pumice mixed in to provide a sandy-texture for scrubbing.

Immediately with the first use, you can see how much of that caked-on grease comes off, creating a grey slurry that washes off your hands. And with the second wash, most of the oil has come off of my hands with only some residual oil stuck inside the cracks of the skin on my hands.

I honestly prefer a more aggressive hand cleaner, which is the reason why I would rather use the Fast Orange over the Gojo. Maybe because my hands are generally rough and dry, I don’t mind using something more abrasive to better clean my hands whenever I’m working on my car. If you do prefer something more gentle on your hands, I would recommend going with the Gojo Hand Cleaner over the Fast Orange instead.

Fast Orange Hand Cleaner: Amazon / Walmart


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