Hand cleaner is a useful product to have on hand (no pun intended) in the shop. If you’ve ever found yourself with oil or grease on your hands and using soap wasn’t enough, you’ll know that the only thing that can truly clean your hands is a pumice cleaner. Fast Orange Hand Cleaner is a bit more abrasive and is very effective at getting oil and grease off of my hands.

At home, I’ve slowly been making the switch from regular keyed door locks, over to electronic door locks that utilize a keypad. This makes it a lot easier to lock and unlock the doors to our house without the need to carry around a physical key. This has worked out well for us at home, soI decided to install the same thing in the garage.

Aside from the looks, the other issue associated with the small base is the instability of the stool itself. This is a common complaint on this stool, which is the higher likelihood of you tipping over if the wheels hit something on the floor. Even if the KKTONER PU Rolling Stool was really nicely made and had the nicer casters that I was looking for, the super-small base would be a deal killer for me.

Aside from some of those downsides, it is really, really hard to beat for the price. The WEN Rolling Stool doesn’t claim to be something high end. It’s just a simple, cheap, easy to put together, decent quality rolling mechanic stool. If that’s what you’re looking for and nothing more, then this is the one to get.

I’ve used my BRIDJIT Curb Ramp for 5+ years now and it works really well. The quality is very good, it has held up over time, and it does exactly what it promises which is to keep your car from scrapping or bumping into the rolled curb. There are also some added features that I like, which include the channel drain that allows surface runoff to pass underneath the ramp. I also like that it is extremely heavy, as it helps to deter theft.

Some of the nicest looking floor jacks that I’ve seen are the Daytona Floor Jacks from Harbor Freight. Now, I know looks aren’t everything, but if they perform well too, I’ll be happy. I also wanted a low-profile jack as I hate it when you slide a floor jack under your car, only to find that you can’t even fit it underneath the lift point.

If there is one item that is always in my garage, it’s shop towels. These things are a must-have for cleaning up liquids, oil, and grease. They absorb these types of liquids extremely well and still holds together even when wet. Shop towels may come in a dispenser box, or in a roll as shown here. The roll will fit in regular paper towel dispenser with each roll having 55 large sheets per roll.

Hand cleaners are one of those things that you may use without giving much thought to. But it’s also one of those things that you can’t live without in the workshop. Without it, you’ll have a hell of a time cleaning all that dirt, oil, and grime off your hands and from under your fingernails. I tried Gojo Hand Cleaner for the first time and found it surprisingly soft on the hands.