WEN Rolling Mechanic Stool: Amazon

When you’re in the market for an affordable rolling mechanics stool, you have an absurb amount of choices available to you. With so many options at the budget-tier level of rolling mechanic stools, it may be difficult to make a decision on which one to buy.

Many years ago, when I was struggling to make this decision, I went with a highly rated one made by WEN. WEN is a company from China that makes a variety of products including power tools (I’ve also purchased pneumatic framing and trim nailers before). To this day, this same WEN Rolling Mechanic Stool is still one of the highest rated and most-reviewed garage stools on Amazon.

I think I get why this stool gets so many good reviews and so many reviews at that. It’s one of the most affordable ones out there (about $40 at the time of this writing), which probably explains the volume of sales. But it’s the simplicity of the setup and “good enough” quality of the product that satisfies so many customers who are looking for a budget stool.

First of all the ease of setup. Many rolling stools out there require you to assemble the stool to some degree, usually involving some basic hand tools to assemble your rolling stool. The amazing thing about this stool is that right out of the box, all you have to do is place the pneumatic piston into the rolling base, and place the seat right on top of it. That is it. This is made possible because the casters are already assembled on the base of the stool.

The assembly of the WEN rolling stool takes 30 seconds and requires no tools whatsoever. If you need a rolling stool and want to be able to throw it together in an instant straight out of the box, this is the one to get.

Now, you might be wondering about quality. I think most people who are purchasing a rolling garage stool at this price point isn’t expecting the highest quality materials, and you shouldn’t either. The seat is cushioned by foam and not super thick, but I never had any issues with the comfort of the seat (I weight about 160 lbs.) I’d imagine it might be uncomfortable for someone weighing much more than that.

The casters are pretty small and made out of a very hard material. The stool rolls around adequately on a smooth garage floor or on smooth concrete, although it would get stuck in concrete joints and would be practically impossible to roll around on our paver driveway.

The WEN rolling stool measures about 1.5′ in diameter and its seat goes up and down between 20″ seat height and about 35″ seat height. It doesn’t raise up very high, but it probably shouldn’t considering the size of the base.

Sitting on a smaller stool while working on the side of vehicles is great. I’ve used this stool to do detailing work when working on the side of the car, and also work like changing out the brakes on my car. Aside from working at this level on a vehicle, it is an ice stool for regular desk. It doesn’t go high enough for a counter-level tabletop.

I like the magnetic tool tray at the base as it’s an open tray that allows you to put any sized tools there. Some stools have tool trays that are segregated and have walls that don’t give you the flexibility like this one does.

As I’ve said before, I had a WEN Rolling Mechanic Stool a while ago that lasted me a good few years before the seat liner ripped off. It worked really well for me for those years, but here are the two complaints that I’ve had about the stool.

The first one is one that I touched on are the wheels. They are small and hard, making it difficult to roll over obstacles like wires or grooves in a paver driveway. The second issue I’ve had is that sometimes when you grab the seat to pick it up, the whole seat pops off which is a bit annoying. It is nice that it is light enough to be able to carry around with one hand like this, but it’s frustrating when the whole bottom pops off because there is nothing to keep the seat secure to the base.

Aside from some of those downsides, it is really, really hard to beat for the price. The WEN Rolling Stool doesn’t claim to be something high end. It’s just a simple, cheap, easy to put together, decent quality rolling mechanic stool. If that’s what you’re looking for and nothing more, then this is the one to get.

WEN Rolling Mechanic Stool: Amazon


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  1. Love the product so far, but the 3rd time I used it, the seat wouldn’t retract. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Robert, there’s only a few parts to such a unit. The only thing that could be wrong is either the release handle, or the gas cylinder. If it’s under warranty, try to go that route… otherwise you’ll just have to replace it.

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