MPOW Dashboard Car Phone Mount: Walmart
MPOW CD Slot Car Phone Mount: Walmart

I’ve gone through a number of different phone mounts on my vehicles over the years, but for a while now I’ve been going with one particular brand due to its great quality and thoughtfulness to design: MPOW. I used to purchase these phone mounts exclusively through Amazon as they were one of the highest-rated mounts out there, but as of late I noticed that they are completely missing from the Amazon Marketplace.

Apparently, MPOW may have participated in some banned review-growth techniques that have caused Amazon to suspend them. That’s disappointing considering that their products still are excellent, despite the review-growth scandal.

Regardless, I’m writing this review because they are still available through places such as Walmart and I wanted to share my experience using their products over the years. I own two different MPOW car phone mount designs: a standard dashboard car phone mount and a CD slot car phone mount.

MPOW Dashboard Car Phone Mount Review

First of all, I’d highly discourage anyone from using a sticky mount suction cup directly on any type of surface that is not hard plastic. There are too many instances where the leather, vinyl, or soft-textured material gets destroyed from applying a sticky suction cup. For sticky suction cups, it’s best to mount them on the glass or on a hard plastic surface so that in the future when it is removed, it does not cause any damage and can be cleaned off easily.

The best thing in my opinion about these MPOW car phone mounts is the design of the phone holder itself. The parts may look plasticky, but they operate very nicely. For example, the ball joint where the phone mount pivots around moves around very smoothly and the tightening knob works just perfectly. There’s just a smooth movement to everything that I haven’t experienced with other phone mounts in the past.

When tightening your phone in the phone mount, you press in on the two sides and the ratcheting system clicks until it grips onto your phone securely. The foam pads on the sides help with this and there are feet on the bottom that can swivel out to support it. To release the phone, there is a button that effortlessly releases the pressure on the phone. Even to this day after many years of use, the ratcheting system still operates as smoothly as it did when it was new.

The sticky suction cup makes it stay on a hard mounting surface even longer than just a regular suction cup. I opted to mount this on an empty hard plastic trim on my 4Runner on the center dashboard. After pressing on the suction cup, there is a lever which pulls suction and holds the mount in place.

If it is very hot in the car, the MPOW dashboard mount may fall off, but it’s really easy to clean off the suction with soap and water, and re-stick it back on. In fact, this has happened over a dozen times for me (over the past five years or so) and to this day I can still wash off the suction cup and re-stick it. Although it’s not desirable to have the mount fall off every once in a while, it is easy to re-stick it back on. I normally experience the mount falling off every six months to a year.

My main complaint on this car phone mount is a vain one and that is I don’t like how the logo MPOW shows up right smack dab on the middle of the mount in large contrasting white letters. I prefer either no logo or at least blacked-out letters; that would be much better looking to me.

MPOW Dashboard Car Phone Mount: Walmart

MPOW CD Slot Car Phone Mount Review

I picked up an Acura CL Type-S a couple years ago and for the times I’ve taken the car out, I haven’t had a way to mount my phone. The car doesn’t exactly have a nice blank hard plastic surface that I can mount a phone mount to like my 4Runner does, so I looked for another way to mount it.

The CL-S has an issue with the CD player not working (common issue on these cars) and so I thought I’d try using a phone mount that mounts inside the CD slot. I’m not a big fan of using something like this to install in a CD slot, but since the CD player wasn’t working anyway I wanted to try this out. Again, I went with MPOW because I liked my other one so much.

The MPOW CD slot car phone mount is smaller in volume compared to the dashboard mount as it only has the cd slot mounting piece with a ball joint that connects directly to the phone mount itself. You simply need to pop the ball joint into the phone mount and you can already mount it in the cd player slot.

To mount it, you must close the cd slot mount, ensuring that the adjusting knob is completely loosened. Once you insert it into the cd slot, you tighten the knob which will effectively spread the mount so that it wedges itself inside of the cd slot. After this is done, it is very secure and is ready for use.

The phone mount portion on this unit is the same as the other dashboard mount. It operates just as smoothly and all the mechanisms operate quite well. I’m very happy about this unit as well.

There is one annoying thing about using this type of unit. Since the cd player is usually located amongst all the other controls on the dashboard, the mount (and your phone if mounted) will be blocking many of the controls that are behind it. For my Acura, you can see that it not only blocks the radio controls, but it also blocks my climate controls.

MPOW CD Slot Car Phone Mount: Walmart


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