From time to time on your 5th generation Honda Odyssey (model years 2018-2023), you will get periodic maintenance reminders through the Maintenance Minder system. These reminders come in the form of a code, made up of a letter and a number. The letter code pertains to a Main Item (such as replace engine oil) and the number code pertains to a Sub Item (such as rotate tires or change spark plugs.)

Here’s a summary of the codes as it pertains to the U.S. models. There are some additional footnotes that may pertain to you, which can be found in your owner’s manual.

Maintenance Sub Items
AReplace engine oil
BReplace engine oil
– Inspect front and rear brakes
– Inspect tie rods, steering gearbox, and boots
– Inspect steering components
– Inspect driveshaft boots
– Inspect brake hoses and lines (including ABS/VSA)
– Inspect all fluid levels and conditions of fluids
– Inspect exhaust system
– Inspect fuel lines and connections
Maintenance Sub Items
1– Rotate tires
2– Replace air cleaner element
– Replace dust and pollen filter
– Inspect drivebelt
3Replace transmission fluid
4– Replace spark plugs
– Replace timing belt and water pump
– Inspect valve clearance
5– Replace engine coolant
7– Replace brake fluid

As an FYI, if you are due for an oil change, there are several stages of notifications from the Maintenance Minder system:

  • When oil life is at 15%, you will get a “Maintenance Due Soon” message.
  • When oil life is at 5%, you will get a “Maintenance Due Now” message.
  • When oil life is at 0%, you will get a “Maintenance Past Due” message with a running count of how many miles you are past due by.

There are two main ways to reset the Maintenance Minder on the 5th generation Honda Odyssey (2018-2023). If you have an LX trim, you can only reset through the Instrument Panel as you may not have a navigation/infotainment screen on the center dash. If you have an EX trim or higher, you can reset either through the instrument panel or the infotainment screen on the center dash. Either way works and will allow you to reset the maintenance reminders if you’ve completed the maintenance items yourself.

Option 1: Reset Maintenance Minder from the Instrument Panel

On all trim levels of the 5th generation Honda Odyssey, you can use the steering wheel controls to navigate through the menu on the instrument panel to reset the Maintenance Minder. First, power on your vehicle but do not start it up. With the power on, navigate to the home screen, select Maintenance, select Oil Life, then select either All Due Items if you want to reset all of the maintenance items due, or select the individual item(s) as desired.

Option 2: Reset Maintenance Minder from the Infotainment Screen

If you have a trim level EX or higher, you can also reset the Maintenance Minder through the infotainment screen. Go to the home screen, select Settings, select Vehicle, select Maintenance Information, and then select the Reset All button on the top right of the screen, or select the individual maintenance item(s) to reset as desired.


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