An ongoing issue that can be found on the more recent models of the Honda Odyssey, Honda Passport, and Honda Pilot is a problem where the audio system prematurely malfunctions. These problems will surface only after a few years after purchasing the vehicle new. In fact, there are owners who have experienced this issue immediately right after purchasing their brand new vehicle. With the audio system issues, you might hear no sound or intermittent, popping, and/or crackling noises coming from the speakers. You may also have problems with the infotainment screen going blank or displaying a warning message.

If you’ve owned your 5th generation Honda Odyssey for at least a few years now, you’ve most likely had your battery die on you. Not only are the original car batteries on these vehicles notorious for completely losing charge only after 2-3 years of use, but they tend to get drained if you happen to leave your car on (car on, but not running) for a short length time. Car batteries generally range somewhere between 2-5 years, so it seems the OEM battery on the Honda Odyssey seems to die a bit sooner than the norm.

If you own a 5th generation (2018-2023) Honda Odyssey and you don’t own any CR2032 coin batteries, you should probably stock up as it will only be a matter of time before the batteries in your key fob remotes run out. At that point, you might be stranded if you’re trying to start your vehicle because your key fob’s immobilizer chip is not being detected by your vehicle.

The 5th generation Honda Odyssey (model years 2018-2023) has front windshield wipers (26-inch for driver side, 22-inch for passenger side) and a rear wiper (16-inch rear). For the most cost-effective way to change the wipers, you may purchase the blade-refills. The quicker and easier option is to replace the wiper blades completely with one of the many great aftermarket wiper blades on the market. The aftermarket ones do cost a good deal more than the blade refills, but they do tend to last longer and are super easy to install.

Changing the oil and oil filter is relatively simple on the 5th Generation Honda Odyssey (years 2018-2023). You do need to lift the car (I recommend driving up onto ramps) in order to access the oil drain plug and the oil filter. It is also slightly challenging filling the engine with oil without making a mess, unless you have a taller funnel or you come up with a more creative way to pour motor oil into the engine fill port.

There are two main ways to reset the Maintenance Minder on the 5th generation Honda Odyssey (2018-2023). If you have an LX trim, you can only reset through the Instrument Panel as you may not have a navigation/infotainment screen on the center dash. If you have an EX trim or higher, you can reset either through the instrument panel or the infotainment screen on the center dash. Either way works and will allow you to reset the maintenance reminders if you’ve completed the maintenance items yourself.