Generally the front and rear jack point locations on a vehicle is clearly provided to the owner. Either the owner’s manual, repair manual, and/or service manual will give you all of the locations on the vehicle where it is safe to use a floor jack or jack stands. For the 5th generation Honda Odyssey (years 2018-2023), you do have the jack stand locations outlined in the owner’s manual. But, when you are trying to find out where you can safely use a floor jack, this information is unavailable.

Installing a screen protector is quite easy; the most important thing is keeping the area and the screen clean before installing the screen protector. The nice thing about the screen protector is that it is made of tempered glass and has a custom fit for these 2018-2023 Honda Odysseys. Best of all once it is installed, it protects your screen and you won’t even notice that it is there at all.

I had a hard time finding a car phone mount for the the 5th generation Honda Odyssey (years 2018-2023), but I found that the best option for these cars is a custom fit mount that clips into the left side or the right side of the center console. The most popular brand for this type of custom mount is called Pro Clip USA. Another brand that I came across is called A-Tach Mounts and it costs less than the popular Pro Clip ones.

Essentially you have two main floor mats you can go with: OEM Honda All-Weather Floor Mats or Aftermarket ones. In my opinion, you should always go with custom-fit floor mats, which are the majority of the ones available on the market; these normally go for $100 or more. The universal fit ones may cost less than $100, but they simply won’t fit well and won’t offer very good protection. So I believe it’s a must to go with custom-fit all-weather floor mats. You won’t be short of options when deciding amongst the OEM and aftermarket options.

Before my wife and I had kids, we always joked around about owning a minivan when we were older. Eventually as we needed more cabin space, the reality of needing to purchase one began to set in. We’d debate back-and-forth over who should drive the minivan. But, in the end it didn’t matter because as soon as we had our second child and knew our third was on the way, we both knew it would be likely that’d we be both driving it.

I caught a glimpse of the Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) race fairings in that blazing red, white, and blue color scheme and straight up fell in love. Combining these colors and further contrasting it with the gold wheels would be absolutely gnarly. So I started with getting my 2003 Honda CBR600RR’s wheels powder coated gold.