If you are not used to the Auto Idle Stop feature on the 5th Generation Honda Odyssey (model years 2018-2024), then you may find it annoying or disruptive to your everyday driving. Auto Idle Stop is a feature that automatically shuts off the engine when your car is stopped, and restarts the engine when you go again. The reason why this feature was employed is to maximize fuel efficiency due to idling when the car is at a standstill. The only way you can permanently disable the Auto Idle Stop feature on the 2018-2024 Honda Odyssey is to use a device called the Idlestopper, which plugs in behind the dashboard.

When it’s time to change the cabin air filter in your 5th Generation Honda Odyssey (years 2018-2024), the Maintenance Minder will alert you with a maintenance sub code of 2. In my case, I had a B12 show up on my instrument cluster, which means that I’m due for an oil change and inspection (B), along with an engine air filter (1) and cabin air filter replacement. For more detailed information on what the various codes mean and how to reset the Maintenance Minder System when you’ve completed your service, check out this post.

Probably the easiest job you can do on your 5th generation Honda Odyssey is changing out your engine air filter. To change out the air cleaner element, you’ll need access to the engine bay where you’ll undo a few clips on the air filter housing. I was able to replace my air cleaner element in less than 5 minutes, so it is definitely a job that you should do by yourself rather than paying someone to do it for you.

The look of original radio antenna on my F-150 doesn’t bother me much, but I know that a ton of other F-150 owners out there have switched their antennas out for shorter ones. At first I thought it was done just for looks, but it seems that there’s a functional reason for it as well. After driving my truck through several different low-clearance parking garages, I quickly realized that the long antenna extends past the height of the roof and therefore would scrape along the beams of these parking garages. It’s incredibly annoying to have to hear it, hence the reason why I decided to replace mine.

If you’ve owned your 5th generation Honda Odyssey for at least a few years now, you’ve most likely had your battery die on you. Not only are the original car batteries on these vehicles notorious for completely losing charge only after 2-3 years of use, but they tend to get drained if you happen to leave your car on (car on, but not running) for a short length time. Car batteries generally range somewhere between 2-5 years, so it seems the OEM battery on the Honda Odyssey seems to die a bit sooner than the norm.

If you own a 5th generation (2018-2023) Honda Odyssey and you don’t own any CR2032 coin batteries, you should probably stock up as it will only be a matter of time before the batteries in your key fob remotes run out. At that point, you might be stranded if you’re trying to start your vehicle because your key fob’s immobilizer chip is not being detected by your vehicle.

The 5th generation Honda Odyssey (model years 2018-2023) has front windshield wipers (26-inch for driver side, 22-inch for passenger side) and a rear wiper (16-inch rear). For the most cost-effective way to change the wipers, you may purchase the blade-refills. The quicker and easier option is to replace the wiper blades completely with one of the many great aftermarket wiper blades on the market. The aftermarket ones do cost a good deal more than the blade refills, but they do tend to last longer and are super easy to install.