TAKAVU Cyclone Wash Mitt: Amazon

I’ve been using microfiber chenille wash mitts for quite a long time now– the same kind that many people have been using over the past decade. Lately, there’s been a new kid on the block: the “cyclone” 70/30 microfiber blend wash mitt. Okay, so it’s still a relatively new type of wash mitt, so I’m not sure what people are calling these type of wash mitts. All I know is that every major car care manufacturer sells this type of wash mitt now, and I wanted to try it out.

Since most of these wash mitts all seem to look alike (possibly all coming from the same manufacturers in China), I went with one of the most popular ones on Amazon: the TAKAVU Cyclone Wash Mitt. It comes in a blue/white color scheme and looks practically identical to many of the other ones on the market today.

The TAKAVU Cyclone Wash Mitt definitely looks different from the chenille pile-type microfiber wash mitts that we’re all familiar with, although they are still made to fit like a glove. You can use it with your hand inside or on the outside, it’s all a matter of preference.

The material resembles something like loose yarn strands intertwined with plush microfiber. It does feel quite soft and is supposed to prevent scratching and swirl marks on your vehicle. It’s got a nice size to it and feels good in your hand.

The TAKAVU Wash Mitt holds soapy water quite well and I have to say that I really like it. In fact, I think it performs better than the traditional pile-type chenille wash mitts that I’ve been using for many years now.

The one complaint that I’ve always had with pile-type chenille wash mitts has been that you always feel like you’re missing spots due to the piles. The long piles are intended to trap dirt and particles within its piles in order to keep it from scratching your car’s paint. But, the downside is that you don’t have a fully uniform cleaning surface running over the paint and therefore it tends to leave spots untouched.

The TAKAVU Cyclone Wash Mitt on the other hand doesn’t seem to miss spots. It has a nice uniform surface (combined between the hybrid blend of microfiber material) that does a great job at agitating the surface, yet minimizes scratching of the paint.

I’ve tried a number of new wash mitts lately simply out of curiosity recently. Some were not so good, but with this one, it really seems like an improvement over the older pile-type chenille microfiber wash mitts. I will continue to use them to test their durability, but as of now, I highly recommend these wash mitts for anyone looking for a new wash mitt to wash their car with.

TAKAVU Cyclone Wash Mitt: Amazon


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