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2nd Gen Lexus IS350 Oil Maintenance Light

The 2nd gen Lexus IS350 has a multi-information display and a warning light (exclamation mark inside of an amber colored triangle) to inform the driver of various warning messages. With regards to the oil maintenance on the Lexus IS350, a couple messages may appear depending on whether the engine oil maintenance is required soon, or if the oil maintenance is required now. Here is a summary of what the two messages that might appear on your multi-information display means:

OIL MAINT REQD SOON: appears 4,500 miles after last oil change; engine oil should be changed soon.
OIL MAINT REQD: appears 5,000 miles after last oil change; engine oil needs to be changed now.

Whenever you complete an oil and oil filter change, you should reset your oil maintenance light so that you can be appropriately reminded of the next time an oil change is needed. Below is the procedure for resetting your oil maintenance light on a 2nd generation Lexus IS350.

how to reset oil maintenance light is350

How To Reset Oil Maintenance Light on a 2nd Gen Lexus IS350

On the instrument cluster, there is one button located at the bottom left corner of the cluster. This is the trip meter reset button, which you will need to press for the reset procedure.

how to reset oil maintenance light is350

In order to reset the oil maintenance light, use the following reset procedure:

  • Switch the display to the odometer reading while the engine is running by pressing the trip meter reset button (lower left corner of instrument cluster) until you cycle to the odometer reading.
  • Turn the engine off by pressing the engine on/off button.
  • Press and hold the trip meter reset button.
  • While holding the trip meter reset button, press the engine on/off button (without your foot on the brake.) This will turn on, but won’t start up the vehicle.
  • Continue to press and hold the trip meter reset button until the trip meter resets and displays ‘0000000’.

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