There’s more than one way to do a deep clean on your car’s windows. There’s the method of using an abrasive like a polish such as Bar Keeper’s Friend or Weiman Cooktop Cleaner if you already own these household items. However, my preference for cleaning windows is to use either 0000 steel wool or a white scotch pad along with glass cleaner.

Meguiar’s offers a line-up of microfiber cutting and finishing discs that attaches to your typical hook-and-loop backing plate. Meguiar’s provided these products for the purpose of this review. Meguiar’s has two cutting discs and one finishing disc. I’ve tested these three discs and of these three, my favorite is the Microfiber Cutting Disc due to its all-around effectiveness when doing more serious paint corrections.

If you’re someone who does paint corrections, even if it’s the occasional one, this tool is an amazing device to have. It covers you whenever you don’t have that optimal lighting such as direct sunlight or good shop lighting to check the paint condition. I am really impressed by the high build quality of this paint inspection light and highly recommend it because of its incredible light output and color temperature customization.

Meguiar’s supplied me with their signature purple Endurance Tire Gel for this review. This tire gel is a solvent-based tire dressing that offers medium gloss, however it can be applied in multiple coats if you desire a high-gloss shine. After using this product on several vehicles, I can attest to the many rave reviews touting its performance and value. The tire gel offers UV protection for about 2-3 weeks, which is pretty typical. It also doesn’t appear to sling off the tires when applied properly. The price is right at about $12-$13 at the time of this review.

On this guide, I’m focusing on removing heavy orange peel and the techniques used to do this. Typically the process involves sanding or wet-sanding the vehicle from lower to higher grit, then following up with an aggressive compound to buff/polish the small scratches out. I will be demonstrating both dry and wet-sanding techniques, as well as following up with a Meguiar’s compound, microfiber cutting pad, and a long throw polisher to finish it off.

The number of different car cleaning kits available is so vast since a car cleaning kit can be bundled with an endless combination or products and chemicals. To make matters more confusing, the amount of different products and chemicals available in the current car care market is overwhelming. So, I’ve put this list together to not only make it easier to understand why one kit may be better than the other, but to also help you understand why any particular kit is best for you.

Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wash and Wax is different from your traditional “wash ‘n wax” product that traditionally combines soap and wax into one. This product separates both car soap and wax into two separate chambers in its packaging: a larger one containing a low-sudsing soap to gently clean the vehicle, and a smaller one with the wax additive that exhibits excellent hydrophobic properties. This guide on how to use Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wash & Wax is intended to help supplement the provided instructions from Meguiar’s and to provide some helpful tips and tricks to getting the most out of this product based on my own experiences. A big thank you to Meguiar’s for providing this product for me to test and write about.

First off, this product was provided to me by Meguiar’s for testing. This product is Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wash and Wax. This product is a bit different from your typical “wash and wax” product as it has two separate chambers: one larger one with the car soap, and another with a smaller one that contains the SiO2 boost “wax”.

If you’ve ever had restored headlights before, you’ll know that after you’ve sanded and polished the headlight lens, it is imperative to applying a coating. Otherwise, the headlight lens will yellow and haze back up again within a matter of time. I recently restored a set of headlights on my car and needed a headlight coating. I purchased a spray bottle of Meguiar’s Keep Clear Headlight Coating and it did a superb job at coating my headlight lenses.