100k Mile Milestone: 2006 Lexus IS350

Hitting a Milestone on the Lexus

Oh yeah… 100k miles on our Lexus IS350. I just hit the 200k mark on the 4th Gen 4Runner a few months ago and now the Lexus’ turn. We missed the photo op 1 mile too late unfortunately.

lexus is350 100k miles

Hitting 100k miles!

The IS350 is in really good shape mechanically (as expected from a Lexus/Toyota). Physically, the car has stood up well, although there is some TLC needed on the exterior. When I have the time, there will be a full detail in order for sure.

Scott enjoys fixing and improving cars, motorcycles, and his home in his spare time. He does his best to transcribe his journey as he navigates across unknown territory, finds himself in peculiar predicaments, and figures out how things work in the process.

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