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Reason for a Motorcycle Kickstand Support

I had once ridden down to South California from the Bay Area on my Honda CBR600F4. On this trip, I learned the importance of having a motorcycle kickstand support if you to park your bike in less than ideal conditions. While staying at my friend’s house in Riverside, CA, I parked my motorcycle out in front of his house. I really didn’t think about where I parked my bike since it was on flat ground, but it turned out I parked my bike on asphalt. The next day I came outside and found this:

motorcycle kickstand support

It was even that hot of a day but my kickstand had sunken down about an inch. I wonder if I had left it longer how it would have looked. Anyway, I see the reasoning behind why someone might need a kickstand support pad. If you live somewhere where you have to park your bike on asphalt, dirt, or on an uneven surface, you should invest in a motorcycle kickstand support. Here is a link to a KiWAV kickstand support on Amazon that usually costs less than $10.


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