Harbor Freight


Some of the nicest looking floor jacks that I’ve seen are the Daytona Floor Jacks from Harbor Freight. Now, I know looks aren’t everything, but if they perform well too, I’ll be happy. I also wanted a low-profile jack as I hate it when you slide a floor jack under your car, only to find that you can’t even fit it underneath the lift point.

A popular detailer on YouTube, Scott HD, has done an upgrade of the Bauer long throw polisher from Harbor Freight. He basically swaps out the grease with a lithium grease, and then changes out the backing plate with a more useable 5-inch backing plate made by Rupes. He has done some tests that show that the upgrade results in less vibration. These changes makes for a nice upgrade for the budget Bauer Long Throw Polisher from Harbor Freight.

The best-bang-for-the-buck long-throw polisher is probably the Bauer Long Throw Polisher from Harbor Freight. This unit has a throw of 20mm (compared to a standard throw of 4-8mm) and comes with a 6-inch backing plate. The price at the time of this writing is $100, so you are basically getting a long-throw polisher for the price of a standard short-throw polisher.