The BMW E46 utilizes a coil-over configuration, with each ignition coil matched to one spark plug. In total, that comes out to (6 qty) ignition coils and (6 qty) spark plugs on this inline six engine. I’ve written this DIY tutorial to replacing the spark plugs for the E46, which will cover all 323i, 325i, 328i, and 330i models.

When I purchased my second-hand BMW 330XI, I found that both of the mid-range speaker trim on the front doors were broken. From my research online, it doesn’t appear to be a very common issue, but I wanted to share my experience on how to replace these in case someone else has the same problem on their BMW E46.

There will be times when you may be required to remove your door panel on your BMW E46. Some common reasons for doing so are to replace the speakers, change out the speaker trim, and to gain access to the tweeter and power mirrors. It’s not very difficult to remove the door panels of the E46, but it does help to know exactly what you need to do to separate the door panel from the door.

The BMW E46 (3-series models) are well known to leak fluids due to parts that tend to fail over time. When we talk about power steering fluid, it can commonly leak where the power steering fluid reservoir resides. In the engine bay, you may notice power steering fluid leaking at the reservoir or at the hoses connected to it. I’ve personally experienced this myself, as have many other E46 owners. On this post, I wanted to run through the process of identifying and replacing some common sources of power steering fluid leaks.

A very common issue on the BMW E46 is that the volume knob on the factory radio ends up breaking, so that you can no longer press the button to turn it on or off. It doesn’t matter which model E46 you have: 323i, 325i, 328i, or 330i (convertible/sedan/coupe), all of these vehicles use a similar BMW Business CD radio unit.