13th Gen Ford F-150


Some folks have gotten used to the start-stop feature while others are adamantly opposed to it. For those who can’t stand auto start-stop, there are a number of ways to permanently disable the feature. These methods vary in cost, ease of installation, and have varying effects on other features of the vehicle. I’ve compiled all of the ways to permanently disable auto start-stop on the 13th gen Ford F-150 and I hope it helps you determine what is best for you if you choose to do it.

My new 2020 Ford F-150 has been babied over the past year and a half having only driven about 2,000 miles on it so far. Many folks suggest changing out the oil at 1,500 miles if its a new vehicle as you may have more deposits and metal shavings in the oil from driving a new engine. Because I tend to agree with this concept, as well as the fact that it has already been over a year, I decided to change the oil and oil filter. In this write-up I performed the oil change using Ford’s recommended Motorcraft Synthetic Blend motor oil and Motorcraft oil filter.

Depending on your trim level you may have a different size information display, or as Ford calls it a productivity screen. The XL trim has a 2.3 in. productivity screen, the XLT trim has a 4 in. productivity screen, and Lariat and better has an 8 in. productivity screen. The instructions below apply to the 13th generation Ford F-150 (model years 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.)

If you own a 13th generation Ford F-150 in a Lariat trim or higher, then you are blessed with the soft open of the tailgate due to it being outfitted with an OEM tailgate assist. Unfortunately if you own an XLT trim or lower trim like me, then you are met with a loud and sudden drop of the tailgate when you open it. If you prefer the soft opening of an assisted tailgate, then you have a couple of options: install a Ford OEM tailgate assist or install an aftermarket one. Since there were a high number of excellent reviews on the DeeZee tailgate assist, I decided to go this route. The install is fairly easy and doesn’t look bad.

Ford offers a cargo system called Boxlink, that allows you to install specific accessories to either add additional tie-down anchor locations or mounting points for accessories. The Boxlink system starts off with reinforced mounting plates on each side corner of the truck bed. Other accessories can be secured onto these mounting plates. In my case, I wanted to add cleats for additional tie-down points.

IMG 1428

I’ve found glass screen protectors available for the 13th generation Ford F-150 that utilizes the SYNC 3 vehicle entertainment system. Not only do these screen protectors (as the name suggests) protect your screen, but it also gives a nice appearance of almost having no screen protector at all. In order to get the screen protector to appear almost invisible, you must install it properly to prevent visible air bubbles from being trapped between the screen and the screen protector.

IMG 3840

Personally, I love my FX4 stickers on my new Ford F-150. Not only do I think it looks great, but it seems to fill the little space between the rear fender and the tailgate. But after taking a closer look at my truck, I started to notice that the FX4 logo on the passenger’s side looked very crooked. I knew that I’d either have to deal with the hassle of pressuring the dealership to fix it, or I could just handle it myself.

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I got a brand new 2020 Ford F-150 recently and been incredibly happy it so far. Since I’ll be using the truck like a truck is intended to be used, I knew that I needed to take care of protecting the bed of the truck before I did any sort of hauling. The truck came with a bare bed; no factory spray-in liner from the factory. With the truck being brand new and knowing how much I spent on the truck, I might as well go with the best spray-in bed liner that I know of: a Line-X.

IMG 0742

The Ford F-150 has a ridiculous amount of different configurations available, so I determined which things I was willing to forego and which things I knew was a must have. After that, I kept my eye on the pricing incentive offered by Ford and did a lot of online research/shopping at various Ford dealerships around my area. Until the purchase was finally made, it was a mad-dash to find the right F-150 as the one I was scheduled to go buy was sold the night before. Luckily, things worked out and I drove home in a brand new 2020 Ford F-150.