2000 Porsche Boxster… PIECE OF JUNK!!!


Warning Listings on Craigslist

I’m really appreciate of those people who identify scams on Craigslist and then make their own post to warn others of these duplicitous individuals. As always, I always scan Craigslist for cars and came across someone who warns everyone about a 2000 Porsche Boxster. As someone who has encountered negative and strange situations from meeting sellers on Craigslist, I can totally relate. I found the story pretty hilarious to say the least, but just wanted to post this up to share. Thanks to the person who took one for the team!

Craigslist Post: …..2000 Porsche Boxster….. PIECE OF JUNK!!!

I went to look at this Boxster today and had a 11AM appointment. I get there at 11AM and don’t see the car but did see the address of 3597 1st St. The door is open and houses several businesses, mostly used car dealers. I wait until 11:25 AM and finally the Boxster shows up. A fat guy steps out of the Boxster eating a Burrito.I step out of my car to look at the Boxster and the fat burrito eating bastard approaches me and introduces himself as Carlos. I asked Carlos if he was a dealer, and he replied, “yes”. I asked him why he advertises in the “Owner” section of CL and he replied, “I am just a small dealer”. I told him I drove 30 miles to look at a car that I thought was a private party sale. His reply was the price was negotiable. What a moron!!

Anyway, the paint is worn out with a 5 rating with lots of deep swirl marks. The paint can’t be revived. The interior is about a 6 with just signs of wear and tear. The alloy wheels were heavily corroded. Carlos knew nothing about the history of the Boxster as I would have expected from a “PRIVATE PARTY” and told me he bought it from an auction. That explained the Bischoff paper plates and probably a lack of current registration.

Anyway, Carlos is deceitful, a liar, and most likely one of those crooked used car dealers you hear stories about. I would not buy anything from this scam artist!!! His number is (925)329-8054



.....2000 Porsche Boxster..... PIECE OF JUNK!!!

.....2000 Porsche Boxster..... PIECE OF JUNK!!!

.....2000 Porsche Boxster..... PIECE OF JUNK!!!

.....2000 Porsche Boxster..... PIECE OF JUNK!!!

Scott enjoys fixing and improving cars, motorcycles, and his home in his spare time. He does his best to transcribe his journey as he navigates across unknown territory, finds himself in peculiar predicaments, and figures out how things work in the process.

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As someone who owned a ’99 Boxster (bought new, sold after 10 years of ownership), I’d tell you to look elsewhere, as these cars will nickel and dime you to death.. Car was great for the first 5 years. But after that, it was another story. The worst hit? The manual transmission grenading at 48,000 miles, to the tune of $8K.