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Chemical Guys EQP_312 TORQ Professional Foam Cannon and Honeydew Snow Foam Cleanser Review


Updated 8/7/18:

There appears to be a number of bad reviews on Amazon stating that the threaded part of the bottle breaks off inside of the foam cannon after some use. I haven’t experienced this issue over this past year, however it’s good to note that there might be an issue with the bottle manufacturer. What I don’t like to hear is that Chemical Guys is aware of this issue, yet nothing has been addressed to deal with the widespread bottle issue. Instead, they sell a replacement bottle that ranges from $10-$30 online.

Again, I haven’t experienced this problem with the bottle, but if I do in the future I plan to update this review accordingly. Perhaps a cheaper bottle replacement is a solution here since the rest of the package seems to get rave reviews.

One of the most critical parts of a basic car wash is arguably, the soap. Over the past year, I tested out a foam cannon along with a snow foam cleanser for all of my car detailing. This Chemical Guys foam cannon and snow foam package makes it easy to apply soap on your vehicle during a car wash, but more importantly it works effectively at cleaning dirt and grime.

So what is a foam cannon? And what is snow foam? Well, a foam cannon is a device that utilizes a pressure washer, to inject air with soapy water to produce a foamy solution. When this foamy solution is applied to a vehicle’s surface, it works well at cutting through the dirty exterior of the car by staying in contact with the dirty surface longer. Snow foam is a type of solution that produces much more soap suds than the typical car wash soap. Pairing these two things together produces this beautiful sight below.

As a kid, I was taught to wash a car by using a rag, soaking it with soapy water, and applying it to the car’s surface. There are two problems with this:

  • there aren’t enough soap suds produced and therefore it’s difficult for the suds to cling onto the dirty particles on the vehicle
  • after applying the soapy water, the solution runs down the side of the car with a majority of the soap typically ending up on the ground

Normal car wash soap

Using a foam cannon paired with snow foam solves this problem by producing a thick foamy solution that sticks to the car’s surface. It stays on longer than a typical car soap, and therefore gives you more time to scrub the exterior clean. Even without scrubbing, the solution works the dirt and grime loose, reducing the effort towards washing the car.

The first part of this package is the TORQ foam cannon. This includes the foam cannon itself, which is a sprayer that combines air with the soap solution to produce a thick snow foam.

torq snow foam cannon wash - how to detail a car exterior lexus is350   torq snow foam cannon wash - how to detail a car exterior lexus is350

The foam cannon has two attachment points. There is a 1/4″ quick-connect plug that plugs into a standard pressure washer. On the bottom side, there is a nipple on which a plastic hose is attached. This plastic hose runs down to the bottom of a plastic bottle. This hose pulls up soapy water from the bottom of the bottle and runs it through the foam cannon.


The foam cannon is adjustable with a circular knob on the top, which adjusts the amount of soap allowed through the foam cannon. The cylindrical handle has an adjustment as well that changes the spray pattern to your liking. This allows the foam to spray out like a hose would or in a vertical or horizontal fan spray pattern.


The TORQ foam cannon looks well-built and would stand up to much use. The adjustments all work well as it’s very easy to make adjustments to the spray volume and pattern. Attaching the foam cannon to the bottle and pressure washer is a cinch– screw the bottle into the foam cannon and attach the quick-connect plug to the pressure washer.

The snow foam auto wash is the second part of this package. The soap foams up nicely and becomes very thick when used with the foam cannon. The honeydew scent may sound weird, but it actually smells quite good. The green color of the soap is useful when diluting the soap with water.

snow foam cannon wash - how to detail a car exterior lexus is350

I’ve noticed that half a bottle of snow foam cleanser/water mix is sufficient for the coverage of an entire car or SUV. If you’re washing two cars at the same time, filling up the whole bottle will do the job sufficiently.

If you don’t have one already, you will need a pressure washer to pressurize the water that will spray out of the foam cannon. Otherwise, the foam cannon won’t work. I personally have a Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer, which works wonderfully. If you keep an eye on these Sun Joe pressure washers, they regularly go on sale on Amazon.

Overall, this Chemical Guys foam cannon and cleanser package is very effective towards getting your car clean. This is now an essential part of my car wash and detailing routine. Because I do it so often, the cost is absolutely worth the investment. However, the $90 price tag is quite pricey.

If you do a lot of car washing/detailing, I’d recommend this package since it makes your life a lot easier. Otherwise, save your money and you can still get a very good outcome. You’ll just have to put a little more elbow grease in to get there.

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