Foam Cannon


Car wash soaps come in a variety of formalations with some car soaps offering characterstics such as extra lubricity, additional gloss, and additional suds. In the case of Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam, it is a car wash soap that offers more soap suds more than your typical car wash soap. This makes it an excellent candidate for use in a foam gun, especially in a foam cannon.

Here is a list of car wash soaps that are ranked by the most recommended by auto detailers and detailing enthusiasts in various car detailing forums. It is impossible to know what is “the best” car wash soap out there as it really depends. However in my opinion, I would trust the recommendations of the folks who use many of these products on an everyday basis and therefore can make working comparisons across the field. Without further ado, here is the list of the best car wash soaps based upon recommendations that come up time-and-time again.

Washing your car is fundamental to maintaining your vehicle whether you’re doing an occasional maintenance wash or getting the vehicle ready to perform a more involved detail. The main purpose of washing the exterior is to remove light contaminants on the surface of the paint. This is done as a general car wash to make your car look clean again, but it also prepares your car for more detailing if you decide to go that route.

Over the past year, I tested out a foam cannon along with a snow foam cleanser for all of my car detailing. This Chemical Guys Torq foam cannon makes it easy to apply soap on your vehicle during a car wash, but more importantly it works effectively at cleaning dirt and grime by doing a pre-soak.