Mothers Wheel Brush and Tire Cleaner: Amazon

When you’re cleaning the wheels and tires on your vehicle, you may have to pull out several different types of brushes. These brushes may include ones to clean the wheel face, the inner wheel barrel, and the tire sidewalls. One of my main go-to brushes is the Mothers wheel brush and tire cleaner, which can be used to clean both the face of the wheel and the tire sidewall.

I like using this brush because it has a short handle and gives you a ton of control when cleaning the face of the wheels. It has a comfortable rubberized handle and has soft-tipped bristles to be a bit more gentle when cleaning the wheels. It can double as a tire brush as well, but just make sure to always thoroughly clean it after using it to prevent buildup of contaminants in the bristles.

You will need to get down to the floor in order to clean the wheels and tires with this brush. If you aren’t able to get down low or at least be able to sit down on a stool to clean the wheels/tires, then this brush may not be for you. However, Mother’s also has a long handle version of this brush, which would be a great option if you don’t want to bend down or sit down near the floor for wheel/tire cleaning.

This wheel and tire brush doesn’t allow you to clean the barrel of the wheel, but that’s what a wheel barrel brush is for. Using this along with a good wheel cleaner chemical works great for getting those dirty wheels cleaned.

My method for cleaning wheels with this brush is to spray a few sprays of wheel cleaner onto the wheels and tires, then spray a bit into the bristles of the brush. Then use a hose to spray water into the brush to create a bunch of suds; then proceed to clean the wheels and tires. This saves water and saves from using too much wheel cleaner (chemical).

The brush works better on wheels that have a face that is more shallow; it makes quick work when cleaning these types of wheels. However, even if the wheels do have deeper crevices, it just takes a bit more effort to get into every nook-and-cranny and resultingly, takes longer to clean the wheels.

Overall, the Mother’s wheel brush and tire cleaner is a high quality brush that is very durable. With its short handle, you get supreme control and furthermore, it can be stored away easily. I usually keep two brushes on-hand for cleaning wheels and tires: a short-handle brush such as this one and a wheel barrel brush, which will handle a majority of the wheel and tire cleaning that I come across.

Mothers Wheel Brush and Tire Cleaner: Amazon


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