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When I’m washing a car, one of the things that keeps me from taking out my foam cannon is having to lug out the power washer and hook everything up. If there’s no reason to pull out the foam cannon, I’d almost always rather use the Two Bucket Wash Method alone. However, sometimes the vehicle may be a bit dirtier and may require pre-soaking with car soap. A foam gun such as this MATCC/MATCEE can be a good alternative to a foam cannon as it can produce extra suds, although certainly not as much as a foam cannon produces.

A quick note on the brand name MATCC/MATCEE. The brand MATCC is still very much in existence today, but as of this writing has disappeared off the Amazon Marketplace. I suspect that the brand may have been suspended due to banned review growth techniques. You may still see the MATCC brand around on other marketplaces, but you can also find a rebranded name MATCEE on Amazon if you’re looking for it there.

As for the foam gun product itself, it’s useful if you want to pre-soak your vehicle prior to a car wash. This helps to loosen up dirt and other larger particles on the car’s paint, so that you’re not inadvertently rubbing these all over, which can scratch the paint. The foam gun attaches directly to a garden hose, so there is no need for a pressure washer.

The MATCC/MATCEE foam gun has several settings you can set the foam gun to, ranging from A to E with E being the highest setting creating the most amount of suds. Since the foam gun already doesn’t produce a tremendous amount of suds, I recommend setting the level to E if you’re doing a pre-soak.

Below is an example of the foam gun being used along with Chemical Guys Mr. Pink car wash soap. Some foam guns have a bottle that have an indicator in which you fill to with soap; you’d then proceed to fill the rest of the container with water. I did not see this level indicator on the MATCC bottle, so I mixed a typical solution of car soap and water in the bottle. I’ve found that adding too much soap in an attempt to produce more suds, does not. In fact, it makes it more difficult to rinse off later and also making it more likely for the soapy solution to dry on the paint.

After spraying the car wash solution with the foam gun, it will stay suspended for a short amount of time. As you can see below, after only 30 seconds, the suds have mostly run off of the vehicle. If you’re looking for a really good pre-soak—one that will stay suspended on the vehicle for at least a minute or so, you do need to go the foam cannon route (this will require a pressure washer.)

One nice feature I like about the foam gun assembly is the sprayer that connects/disconnects from the foam gun. The sprayer looks well made and actually provides a really good amount of pressure compared to other sprayers. It is also pressure-adjustable depending on how much you squeeze the trigger. It’s convenient to pre-soak with the foam gun with soap, disconnect it with the quick disconnect, and then rinse off the vehicle with water.

A couple of the issues that I’ve experienced with this foam gun is with the spray tip and the bottle threads. I always manage to knock off the black tip from the orange cap. Even if I sit the tip properly into the cap and press it in firmly, it still manages to pop off if I accidently bump it. I’m not really sure why this tip needs to be a separate piece from the cap, but this can be a minor annoyance.

As for the bottle threads, they’re all plastic threads. That’s not exactly a bad thing, but I do find myself wasting time spinning the cap on and it missing the threads. It sometimes takes a few attempts to get the threads seated right before I can screw on the cap tightly.

Overall, the MATCC/MATCEE foam gun is my go-to for pre-soaking before washing if the vehicle is not too dirty. It’s just easy to screw it onto a garden hose and go rather than messing with a pressure washer. In fact, it’s even easier if you leave the sprayer attachment on the hose, then you can just use the quick connect to pop the foam gun onto the sprayer when you need it. As said before, the foam gun is not going to give you the same kind of foaming action that you’d get from a foam cannon, but it is certainly much more convenient to use.

MATCC/MATCEE Foam Gun: Amazon


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