Washing a car’s exterior and being able to reach all areas of the car can be relatively easy when you’re washing a coupe or sedan, but it can be more frustrating when you’re trying to wash the roof or higher areas of an SUV or a truck. As an alternative to getting a step stool out, you may consider using a car wash mop, such as this 62 in. one made by MATCC (MATCEE).

When I’m washing a car, one of the things that keeps me from taking out my foam cannon is having to lug out the power washer and hook everything up. If there’s no reason to pull out the foam cannon, I’d almost always rather use the Two Bucket Wash Method alone. However, sometimes the vehicle may be a bit dirtier and may require pre-soaking with car soap. A foam gun such as this MATCC/MATCEE can be a good alternative to a foam cannon as it can produce extra suds, although certainly not as much as a foam cannon produces.