Spray Wax


g for a way to easily apply some protectant on your vehicle after a car wash, a good option is to use a spray wax. Spray waxes typically offer an easy spray on, wipe off application, but don’t last as long as a traditional wax. However, the ease of application offsets that downside. Meguiars offers a spray wax called Ultimate Quik Wax, which works well for someone who doesn’t mind applying on a regular basis for a bit of protection on their vehicle.

The short answer is YES, using dishwashing soap is likely okay to use to wash your car. You’re going to get different answers depending on who you ask. Much of the information around this subject is due to the marketing indoctrination saying that you must use a dedicated car wash soap. Reasons given for doing so include: using a non-car soap will damage the car’s paint, a pH-neutral soap MUST be used otherwise it will also strip existing protectants, and dish soap will strip the car of its existing wax/sealant/coating. I don’t believe these claims to be true and I set out to test if a dishwashing soap is ok or not to use wash your car.

Ceramic coatings work wonderfully at providing a water-resistant coating that lasts a long time. However, there are times that a ceramic coating must be removed from a car. Since ceramic coatings provide a semi-permanent physical layer on the car’s paint that protects the vehicle from a host of different contaminants, it is difficult for car wash soaps and cleaners to chemically remove the coating. That is why the general consensus is that physical removal of the coating is necessary in the form of either clay bar or polish in order to remove a ceramic coating.

Birds leave droppings on our cars all the time; dealing with the problem is easy. Most people would go get some water and wipe the bird dropping with whatever rag or paper towel they can find. Something so innocuous can actually cause damage to your car’s paint. If you know how to properly clean bird poo off your car’s paint, you won’t have to worry about creating scratches in your car’s paint. It doesn’t take much more effort to properly clean off bird poo, so its worth doing every time you encounter bird droppings on your car.