For this guide, we’ll be spraying primer, paint, and clear coat and it will all be done by rattle cans. The 1K primer and color-matched paint are purchased from Paint Scratch, and the 2K clear coat can be found online. Even using rattle cans to spray paint your bumper, you can get amazing results especially if you have a good color match and use a 2K clear coat, which hardens up to a professional level finish.

To refinish a bumper so that it looks new again, you’ll first need to repair the major damage so that it is structurally sound. And then prior to spraying primer, paint, and clear coat so that it looks pristine again, you will have to prep the bumper by filling in the damaged parts of the bumper with body filler, and sanding it smooth.

If you have a cracked bumper and depending on how severe the damage is, you may be able to repair it yourself with a variety of tools and materials. On this tutorial, I’ll be repairing a cracked bumper using fiberglass resin, bumper repair epoxy, and flexible glazing putty. Using each of these various items serves a specific and important purpose.