2nd Gen Mazda MX-6

2nd gen mx6 rear side top

On my old 1993 Mazda MX-6, I inherited a terrible tint job that was done on the rear and side windows. The tint on the windows had a purple tint to it and it was beginning to bubble all around the borders. This type of failure is characteristic of a poorly done tint job or regular exposure to glass cleaner that has ammonia. I could not stand the look of it any longer, so I went about removing the tint.

seat after cleaning

One of the things that needed some work on my old 1993 Mazda MX-6 were the leather seats. One of the issues was a destroyed bolster on the driver’s side, which I couldn’t do too much about. The other was that the leather material was quite dirty and stiff. I used Pine-sol to clean and condition the leather afterwards, but it turns out Pine-sol is just too strong of a solution to use for cleaning. My seats stayed pretty stiff, but it sure was clean.