A highly recommended and easy-to-use wax is a liquid wax called Collinite No. 845. This is now a well-known wax that is widely available to consumers. However, I remember about a decade ago when I first used this product and having to go to a boating product retailer called West Marine to purchase it. In fact, Collinite No. 845 was initially created for power companies to coat their insulators, hence the name ‘Insulator Wax’.

Below is a list of car waxes that I’ve ranked in order of most recommended by auto detailers and detailing enthusiasts in various car detailing forums. This is a subjective list obviously, but it is what I believe to be a credible list of the best car waxes as these recommendations come from those car detailers who have used and compared these different products. I did not include spray waxes as they are even further diluted formulas that do not offer the same kind of durability as these paste and liquid waxes.