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When you clean the interior of your car, you are faced with many choices for cleaning the inside of the cabin. With so many different types of surfaces made of various materials such as fabric, leather, vinyl, etc., it may be overwhelming to figure out which product to use and whether or not it is suitable for what you’re using it on. What I personally like for a general interior cleaner is one that is specifically formulated for that very purpose and therefore is safe to use. Griot’s Garage Interior Cleaner is just that: an interior cleaner that is safe to use on almost all surfaces inside of the cabin.

Griot’s Interior Cleaner comes right out of its container ready-to-use. There is no need to dilute it with any particular mixture ratio. The product is simple to use: spray it onto your microfiber towel, and wipe. I do this whenever I’m cleaning a newer/cleaner vehicle as this method helps to clear the surface of dust, but also cleans gently with each wipe.

On dirtier and/or older vehicles that will require further cleaning, Griot’s Garage Interior Cleaner works well for that purpose too. The product cleans very well while still keeping you rest-assured that it is safe for the particular surface you’re cleaning. So when working on more heavily-soiled vehicles, some agitation will be needed in the form of either rubbing of a microfiber towel or brushing with a detailing brush.

Detailing brushes work excellently with Griot’s Interior Cleaner especially in hard-to-reach places. One example is the speaker grille where a cleaning towel won’t be able to clean the inside of the individual holes of the grille. The interior cleaner is sprayed into the detailing brush and the speaker grille is scrubbed. Finally, a shop vacuum is used afterwards to suck it out dry.

Detailing brush work can be done on other surfaces of the vehicle that require agitation to pull dirt from the surface. Griot’s Interior Cleaner works like a charm on the steering wheel. As you can see it comes out really nice after one brush with a detailing brush using interior cleaner.

You might opt to use a diluted all-purpose cleaner or some other cleaning product for the interior, but if you want to be sure that you’re not going to mess up the interior surfaces with chemicals, Griot’s Interior Cleaner is a great and safe choice. If you go online and look around any detailing forums or groups, you’re bound to find amateur detailers who upload photos of some chemical-stained interior asking the desperate question, “does anyone know why [Product X] caused this?”

When you are cleaning the interior of the car, you want to take the possibility of the chemical itself causing problems, out of the equation. This is critically important for detailers who work on other peoples’ cars who can’t afford to damage their customers’ interiors. They also can’t afford to waste time creating more issues during their details. Personally, I want an interior cleaner that is strong enough for everyday grime, but safe and worry-free to use in practically any car interior that I detail.


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