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Why it’s so Hard to Find a Deal on a Car Now

If you’re in love with cars like me, you’re always looking for that one great deal that you can snag. However, I’ve found it seemingly impossible to find a decent deal in today’s automotive marketplace. I think back to the way we used to search for and purchase cars and compare it to the way we do it now. A lot has changed for the good, yet at the same time for the bad.


First One in Line or First One with Cash?

I found a pristine, low-mileage 1998 BMW E39 540i, but the deal didn’t go through even though I was first in line to buy the car. Apparently someone swooped in before my test drive appointment to buy the car. So I have to ask: Who gets the car first: the first buyer in line or the first buyer with cash-in-hand?

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Stumbling Across a Gem: 2001 Audi S4

I found this Audi S4 (B5) that was going for half the going price. The seller told me he hasn’t run the car in a year or two, but I test drove and it appeared to be run fine. For some reason, the seller strongly urged me to have the car towed. I was a bit suspicious, but I couldn’t resist the deal and had the car towed back to my place… and so work on the car began.


Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

While vacationing in Hawaii, we encountered a ridiculous amount of Toyota trucks and SUV’s. I think of the hilarious clip that comedian Jo Koy made while he was in Maui because of this very phenomenon…yet I ended up ogling over this 4Runner TRD Pro.


Toyota AE86 and Initial D

I came across the above photo I took of my Uncle’s Toyota AE86 a few years back, which I thought was a really interesting looking car. I watched the anime: Initial D way back in high school and was interested to see that he was able to get his hands on one of these. I love the look of the hatchback version over the GT-S coupe version that I normally see.