The short answer is YES, using dishwashing soap is likely okay to use to wash your car. You’re going to get different answers depending on who you ask. Much of the information around this subject is due to the marketing indoctrination saying that you must use a dedicated car wash soap. Reasons given for doing so include: using a non-car soap will damage the car’s paint, a pH-neutral soap MUST be used otherwise it will also strip existing protectants, and dish soap will strip the car of its existing wax/sealant/coating. I don’t believe these claims to be true and I set out to test if a dishwashing soap is ok or not to use wash your car.

Below is a list of car waxes that I’ve ranked in order of most recommended by auto detailers and detailing enthusiasts in various car detailing forums. This is a subjective list obviously, but it is what I believe to be a credible list of the best car waxes as these recommendations come from those car detailers who have used and compared these different products. I did not include spray waxes as they are even further diluted formulas that do not offer the same kind of durability as these paste and liquid waxes.