MATCC/MATCEE Car Wash Brush with Long Handle 62in: Amazon / Walmart

Washing a car’s exterior and being able to reach all areas of the car can be relatively easy when you’re washing a coupe or sedan, but it can be more frustrating when you’re trying to wash the roof or higher areas of an SUV or a truck. Usually when washing your car, you need to use a towel or wash mitt to physically scrub the entire surface of the vehicle. Without doing this, you will always have some level of dirt and grime still sitting on the surface of the vehicle. Therefore, you need to be able to reach the high areas of a taller vehicle in order to physically clean the surface.

As an alternative to getting a step stool out, you may consider using a car wash mop, such as this 62 in. one made by MATCC (MATCEE). Not only does this help get you access to those hard-to-reach areas, but the chenille pad comes off so you can use it as a wash mitt as well. The trade-off however, is that you don’t get as good as a scrub as if you were using a wash mitt by hand because you don’t have as much control. It also makes it more difficult to clean with the wash mop if the surface you’re cleaning is not a smooth surface.

Before continuing with the review, a quick note on the MATCC/MATCEE brand. You might see that the MATCC brand is still in existence, but as of this writing, it has been removed from the Amazon Marketplace. You will now see a MATCEE brand on Amazon that looks identical to the original MATCC product. I suspect that the brand may have been suspended due to banned review growth techniques, but for me some of their products still work well. You’ll still see the MATCC brand in other marketplaces, but the MATCEE and MATCC branded products are identical to one another.

The MATCC/MATCEE wash mop is a nice item to have if you need to get that extra reach especially for the top portions of SUV’s and trucks. Although you may be able to reach these areas with the mop, you won’t be able to apply much pressure with the mop unfortunately. You’ll also have trouble scrubbing along any non-smooth surfaces such as the grooves of the roof.

If you were to use a wash mitt to wash the roof, you’d be able to run the mitt along with your hand and follow the valleys of the roof if there are any. However, using a wash mop, it’s difficult to do the same. For this reason, I wouldn’t use this product on hard-to-reach areas that are not completely flat.

The 62 inch handle can be collapsed to shorten the length as needed. Ideally, the best mix of reach and control is to only use as many links as is needed to reach where you need to. Using too many links to get the maximum reach will result in too much loss of control over the mop end.

The wash mop is made of a lightweight aluminum so it’s very easy to wield. The handles are nicely placed too. Looking over the mop as a whole, I like that there are no edges or sharp points that could scratch the car.

The nice double-feature on this product is the removable wash mop, which can be used as a hand wash mitt. At least when you don’t have a need for the long handle, you can use it as a regular wash mitt as well. The chenille material works well and is similar to most other wash mitts if you were to get it elsewhere.

Personally, I don’t use this product much, but I do have it in case I ever need to reach somewhere that I just can’t get access to. For locations where you can get to using a ladder or step stool, I recommend going that route as you can’t substitute the control you get by washing with a wash mitt by hand. I did find one instance where this product came in useful while detailing, and it was where a rear window had a protective guard in front of it. Rather than reaching through each of the openings of the metal guard to clean the window, I was able to use this and reach in from the sides which saved me time.


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